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So angry at my mother turning to alcohol, AGAIN. watch

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    Right, I know some people will feel I'm being harsh, but I don't know how to handle this problem.

    My mother has always had issues with alcohol as I've been growing up, but she's what you call a functioning alcoholic - she has a very good job, noone would guess in daily life etc. I'm not as close to her as I probably would've been had she not been like this, as she was always distant and often turned to alcohol to cope with problems (thus closing herself off to me). This has caused resentment in myself, which I have buried deep within (she knows I have issues with her alcoholism, but pretends we are really close anyway).

    So lately, her parents and my grandparents have both become ill in quick succession. This has lead to both of us taking on a lot of roles we previously wouldn't have/spending a lot more time with them more etc. I am happy to do this, but I've also found myself taking on the role of an emotional rock for my mother (she cries every day, and seeks my comfort). Now, the other week I noticed an expensive bottle of Vodka my boyfriend's parents had bought me was missing (lo and behold she had stolen it and drink it in its entirety - no apology). Tonight, I bought a bottle of alcohol for my boyfriend to take to a house party tomorrow - only to find later tonight she's sozzled and has been drinking it. I'm really livid - because I've been doing everything to be there for her and my family, and she knows the emotional toll her behaviour takes on me. I was able to move out for a while, but can no longer afford it so am back home while I try to complete the final months of my degree throughout all of this. Is it just me or she is being selfish?

    I can understand why her problems might badly affect you or why you might be angry at the theft of your alcohol, but like you say her alcohol consumption is her way of coping with problems. The way you react to it could make her feel more stressed and more compelled to drink alcohol. I don't know what to suggest but would probably say that flying off the handle at the occurrences is not going to help her with her addiction. Maybe advise her to seek some professional help?
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