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Do you have to take the pill (combined) at the same time each day, each month? watch

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    I've just started going on the pill and am coming to the end of my first 7 day break, and had a thought. Do you have to take the pill at the same time you took it the previous month? Or can you change the time each month? Obviously, making sure you take it at the same time for the 21 days. It probably sounds stupid, but I just want to check. Thanks!

    I don't think it matters so much.

    I think the time is just so it's easier to remember - it's just better to know that you take it at a certain time every day. With the combined pill (or at least mine), you get quite a longish window where you can take it if you've forgotten. I'm pretty sure that if I forgot my pill this evening, then I could take it tomorrow morning and it would be okay (meaning I would take two tomorrow). Not the best, but it's better than missing one completely!
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    I'm not sure, but I think it matters more taking it at the same time for the full 21 days each month though. It depends on the brand of pill though as I've learnt. I had a long-ish window with my first one where taking it a few hours apart for example on different days didn't have any effect, however with the one I'm on now, unless I take it at the exact same time, or at the very most a narrow time frame, I get breakthrough bleeding for the remainder of the 21 days. Highly annoying, but I guess at least this way I'm assured that there won't be any slip-ups as I have to ensure I take it at the exact same time every day (irregular bleeding is not fun!!).

    If you want to change your time after your break then feel free, that's fine.
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    It depends on the time frame of your pill. Some have a 12 hour window, but some only have a 3 hour window. In my experience, taking the combined pill at different times of day wouldn't matter much, but I get breakthrough bleeding if I don't take the mini pill around the same time every day. If you don't take your pill during the required timeframe, it'll reduce it's effectiveness, so it's worth setting an alarm for a certain time of day to remind you.

    I had this problem, I used to take it at lunch, but I wanted to start the next month at 11 in the evening, so my doctor said because it was after the time I would normally, it was better to start the next pack a day early... So I would normally start on Friday, but now I do on a Thursday... I dont think it really matters as long as its within 12 hours, but my gp thought because I was used to taking it earlier, it was safer to just start a day early so if you wanted to take it earlier than your normal time, I guess you wouldn't need to do what I did?

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