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    Just recently I got my result for PSYA1 (AQA) which was an A, however I done pretty bad on the longer questions. I got 6 and 4 on the 12 and 8 marker respectively and that is a pretty large amount of marks lost just on 2 questions. My teacher didn't specify any exam technique therefore if anyone has some technique for answering the longer questions for unit 1 and 2 I would be thankful to see it. Thank you!

    First off congrats on the result!

    For any 8 or 12 mark question half the marks go to A01 (outline) and half the marks go to A02 (evaluate).
    So in a 12 marker for example 6 marks are given for explaining a theory/model/etc and the other 6 for evaluating the theory/model.
    Examples for evaluation
    Does it have internal/ecological/population/external validity.
    Do you need to consider ethical issues?
    Is there supporting or conflicting research?
    Is there cultural bias, investigator effects, demand characteristics etc

    I also achieved an A in psya2 in january so feel free to ask me things
    Hope this helped
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    Thanks for the answer, just wondering what did you get in your 12 marker in psya2? And for both AO1 and AO2 do your have to 'list' 6 points for both of them with brief explaination or do they require less points with more detailed explainations? Lastly did you do AO1 first then focus on AO2 or did you evaluate your points alongside with AO1?

    I Didn't get my paper back so i don't what mark i got for each question but i got 94 ums overall if that helps.
    I would say for AO1 write as detailed as you can. But for A02 definitely less point with a more detailed explanation. 3 explained points should get you 6 A02 marks (but go for 4 to be safe). A02 should use the P.E.C structure (point, evidence/explain/example, comment).
    Point: A strength of the behaviourist approach is that it has supporting evidence
    Example: For example, Watson and Raynor (1920) Successfully classically conditioned little Albert to be scared of rats
    Comment:This support the claim of the behavioural approach that abnormal behaviour is learnt.

    Both my teachers taught us to do all of A01 first and then all of A02 but you won't lose marks due to layout as long as they're both there.

    how on earth did you get an A in psychology?

    Melas has already answered your question really well but I thought i'd comment as I had this problem at the beginning of the year but now am consistantly getting 12/12. It's quite simple when you know how;

    What my teacher has taught me is that you need to ensure you're putting equal amounts in Ao1 (outline) and Ao2 (evaluate). Secondly, for Ao1 you need to use every small detail possible - everything you write will be worth marks as the examiner is looking for 6 points to mark you on. A good way to look at is is 'APFC' obviously I don't know if you've been taught to lay your essays out this way but it's really good!

    A:aim. The first thing you should write is the aim of the study. It's simple to remember and is guarenteed to get you the first mark. Let's use Asch's study into conformity as an example;
    "Asch's aim was to see the effect of normative social influence on pps in a situation where the correct answer was obvious"

    1 mark already!

    P: Procedure: How did they do the experiment? What was the sample?
    Keeping with Asch's study;
    "Asch's had 7-9 confederate in each trial with one niave pp. The niave pp sat second to last in a row as Asch showed them 3 different length lines along side 1 control line. Pps were asked which of the 3 lines were the same length as the control line. The confederates gave the wrong answer on 12/18 of the tries"

    2 marks!

    F: Findings: Simples- what did they find out?
    "Asch found that 32% conformity, 74% of pps conformed at least once and only 26% didn't conform"

    2 marks (for such a small sentence - but include stats and its tick tick tick!)

    C: conclusion: what did they conclude?
    "Asch concluded that there are three types of conformity. He realised that people conform for different reasons but most commonly to be liked or to be correct. These are linked to Internalisation conformity and Compliance conformity"

    1 mark

    See, Ao1 can be quite simple. What i've now down is write every study on a small revision card in the set up of
    and just learnt them. If you can do that you're guarenteed to get full marks on any question for any study.

    Ao2 you just need to drop as many names and studies that support your point as possible. You should aim to make 4 points to be safe, although it's technically possible to get 3 marks for just 1 point if you drop enough names/studies and stats (although I wouldn't rely on that)

    I hope this helps a little. Good luck
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