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    How do you write about the ways a story is told? What are the aspects of narrative?

    For example, write about the ways Fitzgerald tells the story in Chapter 7.

    I presume you're talking about The Great Gatsby? Although I've read the book, I can't remember much about that particular chapter/ can't be bothered to look it up right now but that book is a great one for discussing narrative methods.

    You will notice the story is actually told by Nick rather than third person, and although he claims to be fair and aviod judging people, it quickly becomes apparent he is not as objective as he claims to be.

    Consider how his experiences affect his attitudes towards other characters and society. You will notice he is far more flattering towaords Gatsby, presenting a rose tinted picture of him depsite his dodgy activities than say, Tom, Daisy and Jordan. In fact, there are many parallels between him and Gatsby despite the fact he is socially more connected the traditionally rich characters.

    The way he tells the story then causes teh reader to think a certain way about the characters/ events.

    Chapter 7 has the following aspects of narrative:
    (I'm studying this too)
    Point of view - 3rd person narration from Nick Carraway and he tells it all in retrospect.
    Time and Sequence - told all in order, no skipping a head or anything. Also set I'm one day.
    Characters -
    Jordan, Nick, Tom, Daisy & Gatsby. You can talk about their characterisation how they evolve through the chapter. How does the character change in speech? Attitude? Behaviour? And why. Always state how this shapes our view of the character.
    Scenes and places - there are 4 different locations in chapter 7: Tom and Daisy's house. New York suite. Wilsons garage. Also Gatsbys house at the start - you should pick one of two settings and just say why they are used and what affect it has on reader and even link it back to characters, are the characters happy there? Is it a comfort zone or are they nervous? You can highlight this massively when Tom and Gatsby are questioning each other.
    Voices in story- Jordan and Nick do not say much but Daisy, Tom and Gatsby certainly do! What affect does this have? Why doesn't Nick say more? Why does he chose to tell us about certain comments made back and forth with Tom & Gatsby?
    Destination- the end of the novel we are Tom and Daisy staying together & Gatsby looking at her through the window which is basically what he has been doing for years, so in the end nothing has changed. It all seems very sad, unfortunately. Why does Fitzgerald use this type of destination? Why does he give Gatsby this sad ending to this chapter?

    Through your answer remember to add in Structure, form & language.
    What would we lose without this chapter? How does the form help us shape our meaning of Nick? And other characters through his eyes. What language is used? Is it part of their characterisation? Do they normally say these things or is it a break in characterisation? Showing a different or true side to them?

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