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Why do pregnant women get free NHS????? watch


    (Original post by Hyde)
    Firstly, pregnant women choose to be pregnant (apart from rape victims who are exceptions) and therefore they should be be prepared to accept the increased chance of health risks etc.

    In the case where you have a completely uninformed person who is no where near responsible enough to have children or even comprehend the idea then they shouldn't exactly have dedicated natal care.
    You said firstly but not secondly...that was perturbing.

    They do accept the increased health risks and the state minimizes this for them.
    As it does in countless other instances.

    (Original post by billydisco)
    Generally? Or one woman in a place up in Staffordshire, on a Tuesday, suffered with it?
    80-85% of cases

    Looking after the kid duh

    (Original post by OU Student)
    Someone in full time education has the option of working. Someone who is either pregnant or has just recently given birth, doesn't.
    They get payed for maternity leave so that doesn't hold up.What is this anyway? because I thought NHS was free to everyone?

    I think the theory is that by looking after the needs of women in pregnancy you maximise life for their unborn child. So pregnant women get free prescriptions in order to encourage them to do the right things by their to-be baby, e.g. folic acid, iron tablets, blood pressure control and so on.

    You can look at it financially and say it saves money in the long run because you're not correcting loads of spina bifida etc. or you can look at it compassionately and say we're doing the right thing to make lives better for children and their families

    So, let's nullify your "make the dad pay for it" argument.

    Let's say a woman was raped and kept the baby, are you then telling her she has to work while in the latter stages of pregnancy and while raising her <1 year old baby?

    Sometimes I wonder if you are spoofing or if you are dead serious.

    Because we live in a feminised country where the state is committed to giving women unjustified free handouts at the taxpayer's expense.

    Women have never stopped relying on men for money. It's just that the male in every woman's life now is the state, which acts as her hubby giving her free money.

    Women like to think they're so independent but women's `liberation' is founded on male effort and male resources.

    Men need to wake up and realise we're getting screwed over. We could tip the whole balance if we just realised the strength we really have. Society would crumble if men refused to slave away to benefit women.
Do you think parents should charge rent?
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