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Do I call him? watch

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    (Original post by Solid.Snake)
    Well you have nothing to lose by giving him a call and then getting to know him.
    If things don't work out between you two romantically, you may still end up making a new friend.

    Call him if you want, don't let your friends pressure you into it but you need to decide for yourself
    I sent him a text

    Yeah it was more that I wanted to contact him but was going to pussy out and not bother and they were encouraging me to go for it

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I sent him a text

    Yeah it was more that I wanted to contact him but was going to pussy out and not bother and they were encouraging me to go for it
    Good luck!

    (Original post by perrobarrioajeno)
    I don't think some people are saying don't call because they need to 'grow a pair'. Calling has social connotations attached to it and is seen as very keen. I wouldn't call unless it's a drunk call or it could scare off someone potentially if you didn't talk to them for long. If you have only met someone in a night club play it coooooooool, don't want to look desperado. If you already knew them and maybe it had happened before then yeah, just texting could be a result of needing to man-up but that's a different story.
    So calling is seen as 'too keen' now?

    I return to my prior point: Calling is fine.

    Again, our parents and grandparents generations managed to arrange dates etc with calling perfectly fine, having only met once and briefly, and without coming off as 'too keen'.

    If someone's put off by a mere phone call they're probably no great loss, likewise someone too concerned with image to make one is probably best not to be dating to begin with.

    No issue with texting, but none with calling either. Most people would probably be happy enough to receive a call from someone nice they just met to arrange a meet-up, but then again I understand the 'rules' of picking up in night-clubs are clumsy and irrational some times.
    I'm also aware that the natural approach to 'uncomfortable' things like having to turn someone down you don't know well if not interested or potentially disappointing them with your own thoughts and life is avoidance at all costs. Some people can be a little lost when it comes from switching from drunken club interactions to sober light-of-day socialising.

    Call up, be relaxed and confident, make the arrangements then hang up after natural conversation has wound down and 'till laters' said.

    Sorry to have semi-hijacked the thread, lol.
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