Beginner Artist Stuck on Art Supplies... please help!

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Hi all!

Im a beginner artist and I'm investigating with watercolours and oil paints. I haven't done art for GCSE or A-level so I'm completely clueless when it comes to buying art supplies...

I'm looking to buy some oil paint pads where I can practice a few landscapes before I can move onto painting on canvases. However, I found a huge canvas for £2 in home bargains but i'm not sure if it would be good quality or not! Obviously I dont want anything too expensive but quality is also important to me. I was wondering if anyone who has had experience with the cheaper canvases can help me out. Should I buy the canvas or stick to oil paint pads then buy the more expensive canvases later? (i'm using winsor and newton oil paints)
Also, I know that after you leave an oil paint to dry for 2-3 months you have to spray it with something... what is that called? and is it 100% necessary to use this?

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance .
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Hello! First off, may I ask why you chose oils over normal acrylic paints? Is it because you've tried oils before/ think they're easier to blend than with acrylics [acrylics dry faster]

The canvas in home bargain are okay, as long as you prime it [they call it primed but you can notice white dots from areas where you haven't put a lot of paint on - which means you'll need to use quite a thick layer of paint, compared to if you prime it with 2-3 layers of white emulsion paint ]

errrrm I'd just say to start off with pads, and then once you get the hang of it, to move onto canvas if you're confident enough. Do you have a shop called 'The Works' nearby in your area? it's like a cheaper alternative to a typical art shop - doesn't have absolutely everything in it, but the things they stock such as the basics - graphites, water colours, brushes [ which are okay, not the best though - tbh I don't actually recommend them], pads, modelling clay etcetc.

As for oils - once you leave it to dry, from experience it can take up to 2 ish months, dependant on how thick you've used. I haven't heard of anyone spraying it afterwards.. unless you mean Fixative? - or basically Artwork 'Hairspray' - which is for graphite, charcoal, soft pastels etc - anything powdery and can smudge

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