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    When I breathe in deeply, I get this feeling like something is stabbing into my left lung. It is really sharp and feels like something is poking me. I then try to breathe out of my nose lightly so it doesn't hurt. It goes away after about 3-5 minutes.

    I get this maybe once a month or once every few weeks.

    I don't know what triggers it. I think it is just random.

    I have been to the GP and she just said there is nothing wrong! I am sure there is something wrong! Should I go to the GP again?

    It feels like a rib is poking into my lung!

    I searched it online and I have read very similar stories. They say it is just a 'stitch'. I don't know hmm

    These do sound a lot like a stitch, but I usually get them when not doing any exercise whatsoever. As far as I've been able to tell it's just a cramp, either of your diaphragm or of the intercostal muscles (muscles between your ribs), and nothing to worry about. I get them once every two to three weeks as well, and it's the same as getting cramp in your foot. When I get them I just take shallow breaths, slowly trying to breathe more deeply to exercise the cramp away, same as you'd do with a foot cramp. I wouldn't worry about them, especially if your GP has said that you're ok.

    Ps. You would know if a rib was poking into your lung, not least because it would have to be broken, so don't worry!

    Wow I posted a very similar thread about 4 days ago on TSR about this exact same feeling! :eek:. I'm sorry you did not get help from GP I have an appointment soon with mine but don't think they can help really because you probably won't have that painful feeling at the time of your gp appointment so they can't really diagnose from just your definition of pain . Just know your not alone !

    Might I ask how old you are? as everyone on my thread said oh it just happens in young adults (though I would say that is more teenagers) I'm 22 and I get this all the time and I wouldn't say I am that "young".
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