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Approaching the situation of a bad teacher watch

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    I'm not sure how to start this but i'll try to explain the situation as clearly as possible and i'm hoping to hear some advice as to how to handle the situation or whether i should leave the situation as it is.

    Two of my current A-levels (AS year) are maths and further maths. My further maths teacher is a great teacher and i feel their lessons are perfectly planned with a sufficient work load that i'd expect from an a-level subject.
    However i'm currently finding my one of my maths teachers (we have a different teacher for week 1 and 2) not what i would have thought an a-level teacher would be like.

    The current workload that is set by them is far above the compulsory hour per session that is set, leaving no time for me to consolidate my notes from the lessons without eating into the rest of my time allocated for other subjects. Work has also been previously set due for a date whereby the teacher is not teaching us. I would not mind the workload but the teacher currently does not collect/mark or show any way for improvements on the homeworks. Instead checks our folders at the end of half terms and holidays. The teacher also skims sections of our modules leaving a select few of the class actually understanding the content which was delivered. an example is the other set spending 10 lessons on a section we spent 1.

    It's obviously too far into the year at this stage for any change but the reason i'm posting this here is the maths teacher next year is undecided between the further maths or maths teacher.
    I'd prefer the further maths teacher to teach us because i'd feel my grades will suffer otherwise. I don't know how to approach the situation correctly without offending anyone or sounding as though i'm trying to pick my teacher.

    tl;dr i have a bad teacher whose also trying to teach next year as apposed to a better teacher. Looking for advice on how to approach the situation.

    I know it's a long post but thanks for reading and any input would be appreciated!

    I understand how stressful a bad teacher at A-level can be. One of my English Language teachers doesn't mark work, doesn't seem to plan lessons and we do the same thing over and over again for months without really learning many constructive things. Until I stepped in, I felt like I knew nothing.

    It can take a long time for something to be done about a situation like this, eventually, I sat down with my other English Language teacher and told her how I (and many others) felt about the situation. She was very understanding and arranged for another teacher to give us 'catch up' sessions where we could ask about anything we didn't understand. We also had our coursework checked by someone else. If you feel like your lessons aren't going the way they should, speak up, maybe approach a teacher you can trust who can take it up with the department. It's an important couple of years and you should feel comfortable in your lessons
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    Thanks for the support. I've spoken to my further maths teacher and explained the lessons are glossing over important areas but the teacher said it wasn't professional for them to intervene. I'm going to talk to the head of sixth with a friend who also is in the lessons in hope that something can be done about next year.
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