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    I have given up trying to do it online so I found the paper for it

    Please please can someone help me!!!

    I have a few questions, here goes

    1) Just like the online version, the paper form says I can use it to apply for a grant but there is no section for doing so (ie there is no 'tick here if you want a grant') I will be providing house hold income details, so do they let me know If qualify for it????

    2) I live in the north and am going to a uni in london, but I wont find out the exact address of accommodation until august, but if I dont put down a London address in the term time address section then my maintenance wont be as high, should I just put down an address of one of the halls of residence? Even If I go to a different one, it will still be in London, and so the maintenance will be the same

    3) I live with my mum and our income is just over the limit for the maximum grant, but my dad is in care, and the money for his care costs comes directly from my mums bank account, and the money we have to live off is way way less than the income amount that entitles me to the maximum grant amount.
    so if I send off the evidence of our household income with the evidence of my dads care costs, will this allow me to get the maximum grant???

    This is why I am doing it through the paper application, as it will be a lot easier as there is an additional info section where I can explain my circumstance

    Please let me know what you think I should do
    thank you
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    PS Reviewer
    1) Yes, they see your household income and give you a grant if you're eligible

    2) Yes, as long as you remember to change it later

    3) This is up to them to assess and nobody here can say for sure whether or not you're eligible. All you can do is apply and see. Personally, I would say no, because they take into account household income and don't look at expenses.
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    Thank you, to be honest even without deducting the money for his care I can still get a grant, but its not really an expense, we never see that money, and we have no choice but to pay for it
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