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Why do Teenage Girls Backbite behind Other Girl's Backs? watch

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    I love my friends but they backbite and gossip too much But i suppose that every girl does sometimes in their teenage years... I gossip but i didn't backbite behind other people's back. I had this best friend for two years now and after school she used to walk with me home and all she does is backbite..about this other girl we used to hangout and then after that day when she sees that girl she acts friendly and kind to her..and now i backbite which i can't get rid of....even my own family notices that which is shameful... :listen:

    These random girls in my school spread rumours everywhere and then the rumours turns worse which is a whole bunch lies is put on top of the previous rumour...which i called **** stirring....I can't even concentrate at school because its annoying me..because my best friend can't even shut her mouth:ike: and she can't say all the bad things about the girl to her face.One day I said to her "If you got nothing good to say.. don't say it"

    After One year I moved up classes which im happy and I got myself a new set of good friends we had hang out in a gang...then my old best friend started to hang out with us....

    She's Kinda changed but she still backbites a bit...
    Why do Teenage girl's backbite?

    Hi :-)

    Growing up most of my friends were boys, and the girls who stayed with us were "tomboyish" , there for I felt I didn't grow up around the *****y girl culture... UNTIL UNIVERSITY..I am shocked at the amount of *****iness from 20 year old women.

    Why are they *****y?

    Unfortunately I don't know, but am guessing its to do with hormones, and in general socialisation of females.

    Just count yourself lucky your not one them

    There have been a lot of studies on this but none have returned any conclusive answer, the more prevalent theory is that because women lack testosterone they don't get into direct conflict like men do, instead they opt for a much more drawn out and painful method of competition which involves backstabbing and sabotage. I remember there was an interesting study done by a Canadian university which observed that physically attractive women are much more likely to be the target and participant when it comes to this kind of behavior and that academically high achieving women are much less likely to experience or be involved in this type of behavior.

    But like i said no one has been able to pinpoint the exact reasons but unfortunately it isn't just teenage girls and you will probably experience this throughout your life.

    Possibly to some extent a product of 'human nature', but I think that is massively swamped by the garbage trash examples in our society that is conditioned into them.

    I think the backbiting is due to a severe dental problem...


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