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    I have offers from both Southampton and Warwick for English Literature and Film Studies and they both want AAB. I can't decide which one I want to put as my firm choice.

    I really liked the look and feel of Southampton and I think the social life would be fun; however, although they are part of the russel group I don't know if they are a highly rated university, being around the 20s in the leader board. Although the 20s is high, when compared with Warwick it doesn't look as good.

    Warwick is obviously seen as much higher and is top for film studies but I didn't get the same feel when visiting. People say its full of Oxbridge rejects and the social life looks a little dull (not that I have any experience or evidence).

    The problem I have is whether to choose the uni that I would have the most fun in or the uni that will give me a greater chance of having a successful career afterwards. Please help!


    Had the same problem, I chose Warwick to do Law and Business.
    It is very isolated, yes its FULL of oxbridge rejects to the point that I spotted a guy in freshers week wearing a 'I didn't get into oxbridge either' T shirt.
    If you are very passionate about film and literature and aren't bothered about sport then I would go.
    It's a brilliant university, the funding for studies is incredible. The facilities are incredible and it will look amazing on your CV as it is the 5th best Uni in the UK.
    I don't want to put you off but I left at the end of term to do straight law at Nottingham.
    I loved to people there and the night life in Leamington and Coventry was pretty good.
    It's just like you I was never sure about the place however also I didn't enjoy the course.
    Also sport there is ****, and that was an issue for me.
    If you do go you will have an amazing time and the people there are incredible.
    However, I wish someone had told me to go with my gut instinct when I was in your position.
    Hope I haven't made the decision any harder!
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    Thank you so much! You've actually made the decision easier, just confirmed what I already thought really that I should go with where I feel better at. I can just feel myself getting to Warwick and leaving after a term, I didn't like the course as much either. Thanks


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