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Do girls notice a guy's belt?

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No, not really tbh
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No I don't. Unless its one of those huge tacky ones
I think it's like all little things...a good quality nice belt lifts up an outfit, a nasty one will bring it down but its not something I notice in particular as an individual item.

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Seriously tho- is this a real question?
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If you're dressing to impress a girl, you're already doing it wrong.
Well, I remember one time when I was in school my belt snapped and I had to take it off in class and sellotape it back together... they noticed then.
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I don't usually notice belts, unless it's got a huge, tacky buckle - ugh Walowitz fashion
nope. but if you're showing of your 'new' 'real' LV or Gucci're a loser...literally -___-
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Original post by Short Story Long
:s-smilie: awks, typo.

But you made me re-evaluate my stance.

If it was really really cheap, then I probably notice it and care a little bit, not enough to think bad of the person though.

This springs to mind :tongue:

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God no. If heard/saw a guy talking about or showing off his expensive designer belt I'd think he was a total tit.
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Original post by Lukev
With my belly overhang nobody can see my belt, let alone judge it!

Why wear a belt if your belly's already hanging over it, i think your trouser doesn't need a belt...
I wouldn't notice unless the belt looked unusual... Or if a guy was wearing a belt but his trousers still managed to sag below his backside :hmpf:

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If they're wearing a plain, cheap fake leather belt or otherwise uninteresting belt then no I wouldn't notice it. If they're wearing a smart, good quality belt or one with an interesting belt buckle or pattern then yes I would because it would be eye catching.
And big impressive ones, like Hermes, make a really good first impression!
Unless it's coming off, or it's really bright/gharish, then I can't say I do :smile:
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I can safely say the only time I noticed a guys belt was because I was checking him out and he was turned round, and literally the only thing I noticed was that he was wearing one. That was the extent of my admiration or acknowledgement of the belt.
Original post by printergirl
i think it was a figure of speech

What she almost certainly meant to say she didn't, is the point
I think so. I have quite an impressive collection of belt buckles and have had people comment on them many times.

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