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Doctor Who has went downhill since Moffat and Matt Smith took over Watch


    I fully agree, Matt Smith is THE worse doctor AND moffat used to write the best episodes now they are just god awful.

    I rarely enjoy an episode like i used to. I question why I still watch it sometime. :pierre:

    Moffat has created what are without a doubt the best bad guys ever to grace Doctor Who. He uses the enemy races to express quasi-philosophical concepts about what it would be like if we couldn't remember seeing them, or if they can advance when you look away. This is what makes them reasonably scary.

    His stand-alone episodes in previous series have been gripping because they actually used the time-travel thing to achieve a goal, or dealt with the philosophical fall-out of this.

    However he is clearly too deep a thinker to put out a compelling story arc, he makes it too complicated or uses episodes as filler to get to the bit at the end where he "explains it all".

    I think the best Doctor and season was Christopher Eccleston. You have trouble getting people to enthuse/remember about him because Doctor Who basically took off because girls fancied David Tennant.

    dr who was never good, honestly don't know whats the big deal about that show :dontknow:

    I am really looking forward to the new series - it looks like they've finally given the Doctor an intelligent companion.

    I understand the whole 'I work in a shop and live on a council estate and now I'm saving the universe' thing, but did anyone else find it immensely patronising sometimes? Seriously, the amount of times it was perfectly obvious what was going on (to everyone - I'm not suggesting I'm particularly intelligent), and Amy or Rose were sat there looking gormless going 'Doctor! Doctor! What is it? What's going on?'. I thought Catherine Tate was good though - she had a memorable character - though I may be biased because I'm straight and female and don't fancy Amy .

    I actually think Matt Smith is good, but I heard somewhere that they are trying to attract the American market, which is usually a bad sign for British programmes.

    Reading through alot of these posts, all I see are alot of Tennant fangirls. Smith and Moffat are both excellent. I have only felt let down by one or two episodes of the last series. I was glad to see RTD go and to have a good sci fi show again instead of the space eastenders RTD had turned it in to.

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