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I want something to happen between us....But i know it's impossible :( watch

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    Anon cos i know people here on TSR.

    I met my PE teacher by attending Zumba classes and Basketball. I'd say I'm a loud person and talk a lot. That's when i started talking a lot to him. We spoke everyday. I obviously had a crush on him, and would always smile at him when he walked past me. I then realized I liked him a lot. We always talked sport, uni, life, my life in particular.
    I also realized at this point, he complimented me a lot. I am not exaggerating here. He always compared me to celebrities, and made comments that would shut me up and i'd go red. He intimated me, and i know secretly he liked it.
    he would tell other people, and i would always laugh it off.
    BASICALLY..I had to go and see him in his office one day, I cant even remember why. He was really friendly. It was near the Xmas Holidays, and he told me to have a nice holiday. I said quote: "have a lovely holiday sir, don't drink too much!" and he replied, "we should have a drink together one day, i know we would have a ball", I just laughed!!!
    And replied : one day.
    Well..the day came. We had drinks, we talked and I cant remember the last time i enjoyed someones company so much. It was a lovely day and he walked me home...Nothing more
    He clearly stated that he wants me, but doesn't think it is right.<
    Please help me understand this...i cried and we hugged...but he says its for the best and that he'll always 'care for me.'
    Now I'm back, we hardly talk. Whenever i see him around campus, i just want to talk to him...But i got the message...It cant happen. And i am soooooo devasted...I'm soo lonely and unhappy. I really want things to work out...i finish college soon. I really want to show him that I am serious about 'us'.

    How can I make him see that I want to be with him, and I want to take things seriously. PS I'm 19 and he's 32 and absolutely hawt must I add. He is the first man I ever sexually found attractive, he just makes me feel so weird and I just have never experienced this. I want him to be my first and last>>> all lovey dovey i know..but this is what i am feeling...

    any advice-tips-will be so appreciated..i'll let you guys know how it goes.:]

    He should never have asked you to go for a drink, he lead you on and its not fair or professional. Maybe something will happen when you finish college?

    Sounds to me like this dude just wants to bang.
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