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    Hi, I've noticed that up and down the country, most people of all ages always state how bad they are at Maths when they are faced with a mathematical problem even with the simplicity of just adding up some loose change ar performing a simple calculation. Does this highlight a problem with Maths teaching in the UK, the truth is that the connotations of Maths teachers are often 'boring', whereas Drama/Media teachers often have a much 'cooler' reputation. If not, is it simply down to the fact that most people over time have developed a fear of Maths to the point that they shy away for the simplest of calculations?

    I was curious to hear what the Mathematical society on TSR thought of this issue.

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    I was thinking about this as well. In my a level business class there is only a small amount of calculations which is very simple yet people complain that they are no good at maths. These people have achieved a minimum grade C in GCSE Maths. My teacher always says why is it normal for teenagers to say they are no good in maths but would never say they are no good at reading or writing. He has actually got a point.

    Also, the reputation of the maths teachers being boring compared to other subject teachers being as you said cooler is because in my experience they are and dont add any element of fun into their work which just makes it dead boring. I do understand we are there to learn but I did learn in my Drama and Business classes whilst having fun so it is totally possible.

    I don't really know. It's quite a bad state of affairs if I'm honest.

    Though, at least at my school, Drama/media teachers definitely aren't considered the 'coolest'. Probably Chemistry (and Maths is actually considered quite cool because of one of the teachers in the department)...

    Too many students think of Maths as a big mystery they’ll never understand, so they just give up on it entirely.

    The way stuff is taught at A level only makes it worse, a wide range of content without enough emphasis on the actual intuition and proofs.So the students just end up memorizing the format of mark schemes to desperately get the grade they need.

    A lot of of my classmates memorized the stuff for FP2 , didn’t understand anything at all.
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    Carol Vorderman's report shed some light on this.

    Also, the subject is often associated with geniuses like Newton and Einsten, so people may think that it's ok to not be good at it.
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Updated: March 19, 2013
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