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Criminology Dissertation Questions watch

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    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone can help me with my questions, I'm doing my 3rd year dissertation in Criminology on women's prisons and the media and if anyone can help me by providing detailed answers I would really appreciate it. I really need them done as soon as possible so I can analyse and write up my findings, I'm sure anyone else doing a dissertation understands how stressful it is finding people to participate so as we are all in the same boat... I would be happy to help anyone with their research who does participate :-)
    It's split into sections, if there's anything you are unclear about please feel free to ask.

    Thank you
    Here are my questions:

    Questions on women's prisons and the media and media effects on audiences

    Public attitudes towards women’s prisons/prisoners in general:

    • Do you think female crime is on the rise in the UK?
    • Do you read newspapers? If so, what newspapers do you read? If not, where do you source ‘the news’?
    • What are your views on imprisonment in general? Do you agree with imprisonment as a suitable punishment?
    • What kinds of crimes do you think women commit?
    • Do you think sending women to prison for non-violent crimes are effective in reducing the likelihood of them re-offending?
    • Do you agree with locking women up? Do you think that women who commit crime deserve to be in prison regardless of the type of crime committed?
    • How do you think women are treated in prison?
    • Where did your views on women’s prisons come from? (Personal experiences, media?)
    • What do you think are the consequences and impact of imprisoning women?

    Public attitudes towards women’s prisons :

    • Scenario: Maria Jackson, a single mother of 3 stole a lasagne from M&S, that morning she discovered her benefits had been stopped which was their mistake. So without cash, she stole a lasagne because her son was having some friends over for dinner. She said ‘I was desperate and literally had no money’. This was her second offence as previously she had been convicted for benefit fraud and thought she was going to prison.
    • Do you think sending women to prison for short sentences are effective?

    Public perceptions towards women’s prisons (presenting them with facts/statistics from academic findings):

    • The Corston report (2007) argues that the nature of women’s prisons needs to be rethought because of the inadequacies of women’s prisons like the high rates of self-harm and suicides. She argues we must find ways to keep women who pose no threat to society out of prison and improve the prison experience for those who do. Women’s prisons should be demolished and small custodial centres should be placed. There is a big issue of safety in women’s prisons as in 2009 the female prison population was 4,283 but the rate of self-harm incidents was 10,462 and rate of individual self-harm was 1,574

    Table from Ministry of Justice (2011). Available at: http://www.justice.gov.uk/downloads/...stody-2010.pdf [Accessed on 16/03/13]

    • What impact do you think this has on women prisoners? Does this change your perspective on the use of imprisonment (if your views are punitive)?

    Public perceptions on alternatives to women’s prisons:

    • What do you think of having alternative sanctions for women?
    • Do you think women’s prisons should be abolished altogether?

    Any other comments/views you would like to share?

    Thank you for your time
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