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Help please - civil society watch

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    I have an assignment due really soon and I wanted some help on how I should approach it?

    The question is

    In what ways, and to what extent, does civil society enhance democracy?

    I need some kind of plan, I know I need to say that it does enhance democracy and then how it does.
    Then to say that it doesnt and why, but I don't know why?

    Also, should I structure it like this?

    Reason why it does - explain, example and then counter that argument?
    x 3-4 paragraphs on why it does ( but end it with a counter or the opposite way around, depending on my decision of it)

    Reasons why it does enhance democracy x 2
    Reasons why it doesn't enhance democracy x 2
    Conclusion and choose a point?

    ^^^^^^^^^^ this plan seems more simplistic and doesn't allow me to be analytical and counter?

    I'm just lost...

    Go and talk to your course tutor.

    You sound very confused about how to write an essay and as this is actually a pretty simple one, you clearly need some help. Its okay to ask for help btw - you arent expected to *know* exactly how to do this when you arrive at Uni.

    Struggling, getting frustrated and feeling inadequate can be really demoralising and upsetting, so go and talk to your tutor - its what they are there for.

    You don't have to say it doesn't do to well. This is an A-level rookie error. You don't have to be balanced, and some lecturers actually hate 'balanced' answers. But what you do need to be is critical. Are there limits to what the supporting arguments are arguing? (i.e. are some of the studies a bit dubious/flawed or are they now outdated?) Or you can argue that civil society enhances certain types of democracy more than others... basically there are a million ways to answer a question and even structure an answer.

    This probably sounds like a lot, and I'm guessing your a first year, so much of this is about trial and error. You will get some low marks initially but you'll get feedback and grow more confident and familiar with your subject over time But have an opinion and as long as you back it up you do well.
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