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Currently doing A Levels, finding things hard watch

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    Hi, I'm just wondering whether the way I'm feeling at the moment is normal.. I've got my A2 exams coming up and am under pressure to get high grades (AAB); I'm studying demanding subjects and just haven't been doing as well recently... I sit down to work and can't concentrate. I feel worried almost constantly about exams, how I appear to others etc. I snap easily at my family, this makes me feel guilty and even worse - I just can't see past these exams which I feel as if I'm going to fail, I basically just feel constantly worried and down a lot of the time. The thing is, I really shouldn't! I've got stuff planned in the summer and have great friends and family. I know most find A levels stressful but I feel unhappy and just can't see how I'm ever going to get the grades I need... I don't know if this stems from A levels or other things. But I really should be happy??

    Yes and no. When it gets really close to the exams, like a month-two weeks before, I always end up like this. I'm angry at everyone, I feel like I'm dying if I don't have coffee, if a mate comes round I end up getting really agitated knowing I should be revising, I constantly feel like I'm going to do bad, and I feel reallyyyy guilty if I'm not revising.

    But not this early! One thing you might have (which I'm 99.99% I had last year) is something called 'test anxiety'. It's an actual mental disorder, which can be common when you're in a situation like this and having so much on your plate. I kept getting this horrible guilty feeling out of the blue, like if I was watching tele or if I was lay in bed, and my heart would be going a million miles an hour, even thought my head was completely calm. I'd sit there proper chilled telling my body to stop it, because it's gonna be fine haha. But of course it wouldn't listen.

    I'd also shake randomly, and get really angry for not revising enough. Even thought I'd be doing revision from about 4pm-9pm every weeknight! Amongst other things which I can't really remember.

    The reason I realised I had this was because my mum has anxiety though, and so I think they say you're more likely to get it if your parent/s has it. You could always ask a doctor, who can prescribe you some sort of tablets (like my mum gets) that make you a bit more relaxed.


    Do what I did an embraced it! Like I said, I'd be sat there watching tele and all of a sudden this horrible feeling would come along with some unconscious need to revise...so I would. I don't know if you do get this, but with it came a lot of adrenaline for me. So I used it! I conditioned myself to associate happiness with these horrible feelings. Whenever I'd feel really stressed, I'd think "Good, because I DO need to revise, and I WILL get all As!" and then I'd listen to some happy music, drink some energy drink, and get cracking! After a while, whenever I felt stressed or worried, I'd know that it's all going to be over soon, and I will get my As. It turned into a nice feeling - more like an "Oh my God, exams are so close... they're nearly over! and I'm going to smash these exams!"

    This year, lately I've been getting those crazy feelings again...and so last night I went out and bought some energy drink - which only means one thing! I am ready for this revision period!

    It's exam nerves, plan a schedule to plot what you're going to do and when so you won't be worried into thinking have I done enough revision for today? This helps me personally about 1-2 months before an exam.

    Make sure your body feels ready, for when you're about to sit down and revise.

    Drinking water helps alot, believe me.
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