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Engineering at Warwick or Sheffield? watch

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    I've applied for Systems and control engineering at Sheffield and Systems engineering at Warwick. I got unconditional offer for Sheffield and conditional for Warwick but I met the grades requirement already.

    I am absolutely TORN between the two.
    I'll list down the pros and cons for both.
    Pros for Sheffield
    - I heard from a lot of people their engineering faculty is one of the best
    - My brother is currently studying there so I kinda feel safer (I'm a girl), it'll be easier to find a place to stay, financially helps, less homesick? I guess.
    - A few of my friends are also planning to go there so if I'm having trouble making friends atleast I'll have them

    Cons for Sheffield
    - scholarship sponsors prefer us to go to TOP 20 in UK unis (sheffield is 21st >) and there're already a lot of ppl from my country
    - quite far from London (compared to warwick)
    - I'm concerned about bullies

    Pros for Warwick
    - It's Top 10 in UK
    - only a few of ppl from my country
    - They have great facilities and very nice view so its less gloomy hence less depressing

    Cons for Warwick
    - I'm not sure about their engineering faculty (specific department rank? any amazing facts I should know about?)
    - None of my close friends applied there..

    If you guys have any other pros and cons I should consider, PLEASEE let me know. It would be very helpful.


    Wow sounds like a tough choice... Have you visited either Uni? Where are you coming from?

    As an outsider, your pros for Sheffield far outweigh the cons. I mean, you're gonna get bullies everywhere (I'm a girl in engineering too - I've faced that demon before!) and you have a brother and friends there! Being bullied is horrible, but I don't think you should expect it to happen because of the place you pick... Don't forget that most other people are in the same boat as you!!

    I guess that it depends on what you want from Uni... Would you rather be around people you know or take a chance and try to find somewhere better?

    I know it's not much consolation, but you can always transfer to the other if you change your mind. Maybe you should try and contact other people in Warwick and see if you can make some friends on your course before you have to decide.

    Good luck, whatever you choose!


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