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    Does anyone else experience that sometimes, living certain places or having a certain lifestyle your weight is just naturally "better"?
    When I was younger, I kept my weight quite alright, but I had to work for it. I moved to France when I was 19 and lived there two years. There are a lot of cliches about how French women magically stay slim, but for me, it was actually true. I didn't really deny myself anything, but was slimmer than ever. It's worth mentioning that I have never been the type to eat junk food (don't like it), but I often had dessert and wine for every meal, loads even at dinner (I'm also doing wine training to become a sommelier - le sigh).
    Now I live in London and things are tougher as the food culture is different in Britain and you have to really plan and spend money on ingredients to get good and healthy food.
    I work out and try to eat healthy. I'm looking to lose just a few lbs, but it seems I have to cut alcohol (wine is all I drink really) out of the diet completely, which is really depressing. Some red wine with dinner is the only way to get through a depressing day with treadmill and low fat yougurts.
    I am measuring in calories for the wine so that I add subtract it other places.
    I am trying to figure out what was different when I was living in France - perhaps I had more salads and more natural movement, but I also had white bread and cheese every day.

    I am a size 8/10 so it's just a matter of a few kilos and toning up.
    Anyone had experiences like this? Is it just easier to maintain the weight in Southern Europe?

    I admit that the dietary habits of certain cultures, plus popular foods, do help weight maintenance somewhat. However, you should be aware that there is ample chance to have a healthy diet in the UK; it just might not be what the majority of people "automatically" opt for.. meaning that you need to make more of an effort than you'd have to elsewhere. I hope that made sense, I am tired.
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