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    So I'm in year 9 right now and I think I am choosing my options in July. But I can help thinking about them now. I want to one day run a very successful business. My school doesn't offer business so I think I'm going to have to somehow learn it outside of school then do the test at school. But I don't know how that works so anybody that has experienced similar to that, please tell me also, how many gcses and grades is average ?

    Because I'm in the top set (1/5) in English, we recently did an "outstanding" piece of presentations that was apparently gcse worthy so we have to do it again this week, as part of a gcse, but I don't know what that means. Is it an actual single gcse or is it part of standard English, like is it English literature or something ? All we basically did was a long oral presentation and some people got a* to b.

    also, how would a business work experience work ? How many hours is college/sixth form ?
    Thanks (:

    Hi, I'm in y11 atm
    If you ask anyone who's ever studied business studies (like me), it is really really easy! Like, the exams have questions such as, "Tom works for £5 an hour. How much money does he earn in a day if he works 8 hours per day?" - so it's absolutely pointless.

    On average you'd take 10-14 GCSEs. 5 C's is acceptable for getting into sixthform colleges, 9As or 5A*s helps you get a decent shot at the top universities (although, obviously, the more the better)

    At sixth-form you may have the opportunity to get involved in Young Enterprise, when you can set up your own (real) company with friends, you'll probably hear about it especially if you take economics/business studies at A level.

    I remember doing that English presentation... it's a controlled assessment for the English Language GCSE, although it only counts for a small percentage of the qualification. English Language and Literature are different GCSEs, so if you do both you'll be getting two

    Work experience you may do in y10 or y11, you just find yourself somewhere to work for a week, more or less. Usually you'll just end up making cups of tea for the staff.

    College/sixth form has more hours per day but you get free periods.

    Hope that helped!

    I'd be more inclined to take maths and economics through alevel-gcse as well as any other additional subjects compared to business

    If your school offers it, get involved in Young Enterprise. I'm in year 11 and I'm currently doing Young Enterprise and you basically set up your own business and buy and sell products or put on events to make a profit. I have an exam in May for Young Enterprise which counts as a qualification so this would be quite a good thing to do if you want to get involved in business. If your school doesn't offer Young Enterprise or business studies, I'd just try to do as well as possible in all of your subjects at GCSE and then pursue business related subjects at A-Level.
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