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TSR- Home of the insecure watch

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    Over the past few days i've seen numerous threads pop up in the relationship section and the advice given seems to be very insecure in nature and the people giving it seem to have trust issues, of course there are some rational replies but they seem to be lost in amongst all the over reactions. The responses seem to be wildly different to what i'd expect if the subject was raised with any of my friends in real life.

    This is just how i see it, what are you views on the matter?

    people react in everything in life not just on here

    Maybe it's a bias of sorts. Those people who feel strongly about an issue are much more likely to post than those who want to suggest fairly modest, unadventurous advice. For example, if the thread concerns infidelity in a relationship, those who have suffered such a fate are more likely to post and are more likely to post negatively. The thread can then be blown out of all proportion.

    Maybe also those who post offering advice are those who have seen the ugly side of relationships and want to help others to avoid the same mistakes. There's also the case where people exaggerate their posts for attention.

    Then again, no one said that asking a bunch of strangers who don't know you for advice on complex emotional issues with only a few paragraphs of information was going to be successful or even useful.

    In some ways it makes me think that there should be an FAQ section which details common queries on the board and offers some sensible, agreeable advice not swayed by the temperament of whoever happens to be online. It would also clear up a lot of the recurring threads.

    I know exactly what you mean. I think alot of it is because the people giving advice don't know the people in real life. The advice is often cliché, or "saying the right thing". If I was asking a friend for advice/opinion, who knew about us, and the situation long term, they'd give realist personal advice, would say if I was over reacting or not. Situations on tsr are often relatively black and white, as are the responses, when it come to personal issues.
    For example, threads asking if a guy/girl at schoo lmight like you. Better opinion/advice would be off a friend who had seen them both together
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