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lol well deluxe, youl prob b mixed as lnog as u put that on ur form. i dont no anyone whos staying in GC apart from the people ive met on this site! but still, weve made plans to crash at eachothers if we dont like r flat mates haha
Liverpool Hope University
Liverpool Hope University
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yer, dont kno what id prefer, mainly girls or lads in my flat, lads cos then we can have a good lads nites out, but girls, cos i love girls! suppose i dnt have a preference, its all good! gettin well excited thinkin bout it know! btw what are you takin with you for your room? im hopin on plannin takin my PC with me, a mini hifi, and a small 14" TV. reckon all that will fit in my room? :confused:
hey!!! im moving to GC block F flat 403, i was planning to move down on the 9th to take the majority of my stuff down. how bout the rest of u's x x x
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ohh i see your doing pharmacy! my cousins gfs doing that! shes reli lovely!!! Yeh that will fit. my daddy bought me this gross tv!!! its tiny (one of those tiny handheld ones) that didnt work on his boats so he gave me it! It has freeview built into it but its small! didnt have the heart to tell him i didnt like it cus it was well expensive! then got my laptop for music and internet and all. have u visited GC?
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heyy tht jen girl is close to u:smile: wicked :smile: if u wanna chat [email protected]
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hey everyone! just found this site, little late. im goin to grand central 2,

im in BLOCK D FLAT 304 anyone near me?

what date you all movin in? in a letter from JMU they said they dont recommend moving in before the 14th, said wardens will be there to greet us on the 14th or summat. also if i move in early i mite be alone in my flat!
i got a delux room, hope becous the rooms are bigger im not in a smaller flat, wud like at least 4 other flat mates. if not im crashin where ever the totty is! :wink:

im in flat 292 so by u dane8...i think that sounds gud wat kinkaygemma sez bout organisin sumfin now like cos wen we first move in i think we'll all probs go really shy an nervous an be 2 scared 2 plan somethin...if yas r goin the weatherspoons it mite be a bit mad if u go on the 9th cos its the nite of the derby so will be loadsa footy fans but somewer like the su or a pub wud be gud so we cud all get 2 no eachother x
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>nope, i aint visited grand central, so its all new to me really, dont kno what to expect. piced it cos it looked the most modern and was clsest to city centre. have you been? what type room have you got?

>hi lucy yer same here, guan take my stuff down on 9th, or maybe after the weekend, but will probs move in on the 12th, not oo early or too late, wanna get settled in.
Reply 287
yer you shudn be far lov, by the way, lovin the pink ladies jacket! lol
Reply 288
students union then? footy fans will be everywhere!!!
Reply 289
haha thanx it rocks doesnt it :p: . i rang up grand central yday an they sed i was in a mixed flat wiv one other girl an 2 boys an mines deluxe 2 so i reckon if u put mixed sex u will be wiv both lads an girls
Reply 290
im one of them!! i support liverpool, they better win so i can celebtrate n get pissed, if they lose ill get pissed neway! lol
Reply 291
noooo u cant support liverpool....u wanna support everton haha specially if liverpool win i dont wanna be getting ripped by yet another red :tongue:....hav u seen the deluxe rooms in gc??
Reply 292
no, havnt see the delux rooms yet, have you got a delux room? have ya seen one? whats it like? hahah you support everton, i love evertonians, they good just to laugh at! gotta find you when i get there!
Reply 293
yeh i hav a deluxe room, well i went in after i got my a-level results and they showed me the show flat an 1 of the bedrooms which they sed was a deluxe one and it was boss, it was really big wiv a nice big bed an loadsa floor space an a big desk, wardrobe wasnt that big tho...haha yeh ull hav 2 find at me just 2 laugh at me, youll be able 2 find me in the corner drowning my sorrows over yet another derby defeat haha :p:
Reply 294
lol. how many bedrooms were in the flat? hope i got more that 3 other flatmates

liverpool mite loose the way they bin playin! if we do then it will be you laughin at me! where you from lov?
Reply 295
yay sounds good! im in deluxe room!! liverpool all the way!!! my cousins are making me go 2 games with them when they r over! im going to guess that deluxe room are in flat of 4- cus thats what all the deluxe people who know have?
Reply 296
oh well if its a flat of 4 i hope i have 2 girls and one lad in my falt, or 3 girls! haha
Reply 297
yeh when i rang up the woman sed it was flat of four....right im gunna have 2 take yas 2 everton games, their the ones you want 2 support lol :p: im from liverpool, a blue nose scouser hehe
Reply 298
yeh when i rang up the woman sed it was flat of four....right im gunna have 2 take yas 2 everton games, their the ones you want 2 support lol :p: im from liverpool, a blue nose scouser hehe
Reply 299
haha no way- ill b disowned if i go 2 an game that isnt liverpool!!

so excited now!! did they actually show u your room lov??

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