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Do people seriously think there's a mega risk of burglers if your on the ground floor? Im not in grand central im in cedar house and iv just found out my flat is on the ground floor. At first i wasnt too bothered, dont really care about the view but now im a bit wary about burglers.... what do you all think?
Liverpool Hope University
Liverpool Hope University
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well i was worried becus student r out so much at night- ther the perfect target. i was going to move if i was on the ground floor but im on the 1st. but dont beat urself up about it- its prob like a 1% chance and im a worrywart! and crime rate in liverpool is reletivly low compared to alot of places
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I'm starting to wish i was fairly near the bottom, since i have a fear of lifts lol and i'm like on the top floor i think so either i'll have to face my fear or get very fit walking up the stairs every day. But at least if your on the first floor then moving your stuff into the room should be a bit easier.
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I rang up yeasterday to ask a few things about Grand Central, and the bottom floor where there are rooms isn't actually on the ground - it's 'elevated'. So that lessens the risk of getting broken in to!
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Thats cool although i aint actually in grand central... i'v found who im gonna be living with on here anyway and he lives in liverpool already so he's been to check it out. Apparently we are on the ground floor but theres a massive fence around and CCTV aswell as the usual electronic entry system so i guess we'l be ok... If not all your stuffs insured anyway, its in with the rent isnt it, so i guess your covered if you are that unfortunate. Ah well, not letting it put me off, im so giddy...
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hey cherry so wats the guy ur livin with like? he hot? xx lol
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lol, i love how you've been so giddy 4 months!
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You wouldn't even believe how hot he is... lol, n he's a scouse BONUS! iv been talkin to him on msn, he's cool.... look at me soundin all loved up lol he aint gonna know wots hit him living with me! I really am so excited, the novelty will probably wear off as soon as i get there n realise im screwed when it comes to cookin but o well..... by the way jen.... he isnt black, sorry hun lol xx
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lol aww i wanna go now! wanna kno who im livin with! better be some1 hot, otherwise imma have to go on the prowl
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Hey im going to be in BLOCK A FLAT 21 at Grand Central
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finally! sum1 in block a!! altho ur in flat 21 and im in flat 3. y am i away from every!!!
If all the girls at Uni are as obsessed with pulling blokes as the ones on here, the next 4 years of my life are going to be so much fun....

Can't wait now, although I still don't know if I'll be at JMU or Liverpool yet, same city either way!
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lol yeh and wat have u to offer us then? lol just eyeing up the talent x
lol yeh and wat have u to offer us then? lol just eyeing up the talent x


Young, Attractive and Rich do yer?

(I was lying about the rich part, I have no money)
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missed out the 'gsh' part
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yeh come on u gta sell urself:smile: hehe x
missed out the 'gsh' part

What's the 'gsh' part?
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good sense of humour im guessing:smile:
good sense of humour im guessing:smile:

Ah right, never heard that one before!

But yeah, I am funny.
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lol good well i think ur inm luck then. ul have all the girls after u xx

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