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found out ive got a mixed room with 4people in it, thankgod 4 tht!!
Liverpool Hope University
Liverpool Hope University
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I want to know what colour the walls are in block a!!!
I want to know what colour the walls are in block a!!!

let us know if you find out hun!
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ah looks confusing :s i havent seen my timetable yet
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you can find them on the website. but its so confusing!
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what site and where about r the time tables please? x
The walls in block D are blue, WAHEY! Well, according to my mate, I'm calling in tomorrow, gonna find out properly.
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ohhh cud u ask 4 block a???
Sure thing, if I get up early enough to call in before work, which isn't guaranteed, haha. And some of the tenancy agreements start tomorrow (the ones who have rented their flats privately from Unite) so it could be a bit busy!
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ohhhh welll surely they will b prepared 4 all the people!! dont worry if u cant ask. Apparently they cant tell u over the fone!?
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gema, about your timetable, thats just the timetable for your the lectures of your course, but you may not need go to all of them, your course may be spit into groups and you take different lectures on different days. youll be told which liectures youll be required to go on induction i think
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i guess 4 people to a flat isnt that bad i suppose, just if the flats were bigger, theres more chance of there bein someone sound n normal to get on with! lol got my fingers crossed for good flatmates neway lol
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thanks dane- makes more sense. ill just wait until i enrol. yeh but with only 4 people, means you could be a closer group?
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yer it will be, my mate whos goin to manchester in in a flat of 10 people! i think that wud be 2 many! feel a bit crowded, n mite split into 2 groups. but yer 4 is good the more i think about it. cnt really predict these things, all depends who you end up with. but like we say we all guna meet each other and each others flat mates, so all good!
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think all the deluxe rooms are 4 people per flat
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Block C Flat 265!! x
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has everyone bought stuff their gunna need at uni? I havent really bought anythin yet :s need to find a laptop n loads of other stuff lol, whats everyone takin?
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yeah ive bought nearly everything. Just need my stationery and double duvet and 4 pillows and thats me done

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