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Hey everyone!
Im in flat 354, Block E and am movin in on the 14th. Hav found a lad in the flat next door 2 me but no-one in my actual flat! Are all you's who are goin down on the 9th goin 2 let us know wot its like? Altho u'll prob b 2 busy drinkin lol. x
Liverpool Hope University
Liverpool Hope University
Reply 461
ahh no worries about cookin here, i got a list of things i can cook!

ERRRRMMMM runnin outa ideas! lol

well i think thats a sufficient list for uni lol, ill run a restaurant in my flat for yas, and ya can come down =P
Reply 462
Dane your in the flat next to me:biggrin:!...this means i have a resturant thats stagering distnace from my room, this news is good:smile:.. btw do you know what floor your flat is on?
Reply 463
and if all else fails with the cooking i work 4 dominos pizza so ill be on delivery duty 4 yas lol xx
Reply 464
Lmao i can't cook :| I'll be gettin the bus home for my dinner every night haha
Reply 465
Dominos pizza i lvoe that place, expesh teh BBQ sauce one.. so do we get freebees?:biggrin:.. :P... i am really goign to try and cook properly, i dont really want to die of crap food consumption:P.. "lov" where are you situated in grand central? mail back Marty

PEace and Love
Reply 466
nah dnt kno what floor we are on, but best guess is to say one of the middle floors. i could do with learnin to cook decnt stuff too.

dominos pizza! ill be givin them a ring often!
Reply 467
get talkign to Gem, Erm i hope its middle i dotn fancy being at the bottom, the views would be slightly limited!. I guess ill find out when i go on sunday:smile:..w00p w00p!. then back home and back to uni for good on the friday!.:smile:..
Reply 468
luara, do you ever sneak a pizza when your hungry? or get ones left over that arnt delivered? i cudnt have your job, it too temptin for me!
Reply 469
hey im on the bottom and im totally happy!! means i dont have to walk much if the lift is broke (which it is quite often apparently!) and dont have much 2 walk to the shop or dont have to climb stairs with loads of shopping if the lifts broke
Reply 470
yea nothing bad at being at the bottom, means less staggering distance if you get my drift:wink:.. also quicker to your bedroom again if you know what i mean:wink: (obviously not for me as i am taken but i am sure theres plenty of people who are out there to have a good time)...what block are you in Gem?

Peace adn Love
Reply 471
haha who needs a bedroom? lol!! im in block a- flat 03. easy to remember to visit me!!! THREE lights on a traffic light, one to THREE go, THREE blind mice, THREE little piggys- get my drift?? VISIT ME!!!
Reply 472
I shall make an effort to visit you!, and as you said aint hard to remember do you have mysapce?? I notice you have bebo (lame equvialent) i will be somewhere away from you!, VISIT ME block D:biggrin:!... i goign to need compnay, although cant wait to meet my flat mates and say hi to them:biggrin:!... mwhaha..mail back Marty

PEace and Love
Reply 473
hey marty im in flat 292 block d.
yeh dominos delivery driver so i can be sneakin ya out food, an yes dane ther is always pizzas left which arent delivered which we just munch on lol xx
Reply 474
Takes note of yoru location be prepared to be stalked, ( thats alie) i wouldnt do that ut i would posibly come and say hello:smile: and have a ****ign rave on:biggrin:!!
Reply 475
i hate myspace!! i have it but its so friggin confusing that i dont have time for it! bebo is so much more simpler so i love it! and i did a level ICT!!!
Reply 476
LOl A level ICT and you cant work mysapce, you should be asshamed:P.. Well i am on myspace, or MSN:smile:... Gem what day are you going?
Reply 477
i refuse to use it- its ****!!! haha it makes me so angry!!! going on the 9th- well actually i leave ni on friday morning, arrive in lpool on friday night and staying in a hotel because it was the cheapest boats. so ill be in grand central on sat morning. and remember THREE BLIND MICE THREE BLIND MICE- SEE HOW THEY RUN
Reply 478
what you mean three blind mice, inform me:P....I am goign on sunday for a couple of hours, see hosue mates, make some friends, get wrecked and them dads driving me back on teh evening;D!.. and then back to grand cnetral on friday teh 15th in teh morning:smile:! mwhaha:biggrin:!
Reply 479
y u doing that??? im in flat 3 so every1 can remember my flat by singing THREE blind mice! lol. So y dont u wana stay for the week??

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