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liverpool/scousers are the best, need we say any more:biggrin:
Liverpool Hope University
Liverpool Hope University
Reply 61
Haha am i sensing elements of sarcasm here?

none whatsoever:eek: :smile:
Reply 62
Hmmmmmm (said in a suspicious manner):cool:

Well i'm glad i could help you with the fit flat mate
Reply 63
That's just like going anywhere though, it's the whole new faces thing. I'm sure if you went out to any major city you'd think the same. Then again Leeds is in Yorkshire, which is abit Geoffery Boycottish, so it might have a certain inbred population.:biggrin: Only messing.

:eek: very, wots up wi leeds lasses??....believe me we're gonna show you the most fun you've ever had :biggrin: lol.... and erm mike.... i think i cleared up the "bit of fun" talking about board games people, you've all got filthy minds lol :p:
Reply 64
wow board games!!! if its monopoly count me in :wink:
Reply 65
Does Twister count?
Reply 66
dunno is that a board game? xx
drunkin twista!!!!:p:
lol hmm im hopin the scouser boys r gonna prove to me that northern boys rnt that bad cus iv got a major thing 4 southern boys

I guess you're talking about Londoners mainly.

Why, they're a bunch of wide boy pillocks!
dunno is that a board game? xx

Surely you've heard of Twister?

Big mat with loads of different coloured spots, you spin a spinner then have to put a limb on the corresponding colour to what the spinner lands on.

3 or 4 of you, loads of ale and it's funny.
Reply 70
i think shes heard of it, shes just unsure if its a board game. technically its not cus its played on a mat, not a board. its a mat game
Reply 71
thanks gemma thats what i was thinking. can it be classed as a board game? when u think about really doesnt matter lol xx
Reply 72
I think drunken Twister sounds more fun than Monopoly regardless of whether it's a board game or Maybe not such fun if you've got someone's arse in yor face for a while though
Reply 73
i love shot drinking challenges
i love shot drinking challenges

my mate got a tiddlywink-based drinking game for Christmas, we spent Boxing Day night playing it. I'd love to explain what the game was about, but I can't remember much of it :p: I'll have to find out where you get them from, I'm so getting one for when I move into GC! Everyone's invited to my flat to play it.. remember, flat 334 block D.
Reply 75
party in flat 334 block d!
Too right! :biggrin:
Reply 77
yey thats only 3flats down from me:smile: xx cyaaa there
Reply 78
thats 3 blocks and 331 flats away from me
Reply 79
let me kno iff ne1 hot wants 2 play strip poker

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