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How to approach a girl I've spoken to before, ended awkwardly(PLEASE HELP) watch

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    Anonymous or delete please.

    This is SERIOUSLY frustrating me....last year in university me and this girl use to give each other the eyes. Eventually she approached me with her friend in the library. For some stupid bloody reason I became SUPER bloody nervous!!!! I was shaking while we spoke it was soooo damn embarassing. Because of that embarassing meeting I didn't have the balls to go approach her again.

    But regardless, after that she still showed signs of interest in me. Looking at me a lot, trying to get my attention, trying to act cute when I'm around.

    I couldn't build up the courage to go speak to her last year, so when we broke up for the summer holidays I decided to start going to the gym and start reading about Pick up artists I wanted to be ready for when I returned to university.

    It's now nearly the end of my second year of university and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!!!!!

    I'm so pissed off at myself but I just don't know how to bloody approach and there's hardly any chances to do so!!

    She still shows signs of interest although obviously not as much as before, shes probably thinking to herself "meh, this guy is never gonna approach me...."

    How can I approach her?! I only ever see her in the library, most of the time with her friends. Yesterday I saw her at the train station, but I was scared to approach(and had no clue how!) It might be a bit weird and look like I'm stalking her. And there's also the dilemma of "should I sit with her on the train?" since we were getting on the same train.

    In about 2 months time she will be graduating and I'll never see her ever again.....(I'm not graduating yet)
    Please help me out guys....I don't know what to do. People always so "Just go up to her and speak to her!" This is true if it was a cold approach but it's not since we've already spoken before and it ended on awkward terms and were clearly aware of each other.

    I'm on the verge of giving up...I'm so pissed off with myself for being a wimp

    I need to help myself, but I don't know how...

    Eat a snickers get some NUTZ!!
    Anyways I would just say go up to her even if your
    Nervous and speak to her tell her she makes you Nervous and
    You would like to get to know her better.

    Add her on facebook? At least you have nothing to lose :P but in seriousness just ask for her number or something, what's the worse that could happen? If she's showing you signs of interest I'm sure she would be happy to give it to you

    Best thing is to go up to her, maybe in the library as there is more to talk about, she will be very happy about that. Remeber she will also be nervous

    Well what did she say to you when she approached you before? Did you talk about your courses? You could just say 'hey, you do (enter course name) right? How's it going?

    just go up to her and say

    hey, i just met you, and this is crazy, but heres my number, can we get the train together?
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