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    I'm not sure if this actually goes here, but I'll just go with it.

    First off, I'd like to point out that I'm a student from the land of maple syrup (Canada). Just in case anyone finds my writing weird (...I don't know).

    Basically, I need help deciding what to do with my university career. I think I may have gone into the wrong field and I'm stuck.

    Here's my life's story:
    During my first year, I screwed up my GPA because I (believe) couldn't transition well from high school. No matter how much I studied, I could not do well. I would just blank out on every single midterm. As a result I got put on probation (lucky me). This year, I've raised my marks and now I'm doing pretty well on most of my courses. The thing is, it's gotten to the point where I really dislike my university and I now believe that most people in my program are huge dicks -- I'm probably generalizing. I also wish I picked something more creative than business. I feel like I don't fit in, everyone has their heads up their asses, and I'm having a hard time finding my crowd (which is not really that important). In conclusion, overall, I feel unhappy, lost and unsatisfied.

    The reason why I'm hesitating is because:

    1. My transcript would mostly show my first year grades, and I would definitely not get accepted onto another program at a different university.

    2. I'm already 20. I know people say "it's never too late" to do anything. I believe it, but my pride is getting in the way and I would feel terrible watching all my friends graduate before me.

    3. The first 2 years are general and I can't help but feel that maybe it will get better (my major is marketing).

    4. My only option is to go to college for 3 years and then switch to university. OR wait until I'm 21 so I can apply as a mature student.

    5. I feel like I'm disappointing my parents.

    My problems don't seem so big after writing them down.
    Also right now I'm leaning towards just trooping through it all, get my degree and get the hell out of here. But I feel like I need a third point of view (besides friends' and parents').

    On another note, I pretty much already failed a course because I was a ditz and forgot to drop it. So, that could also be contributing to my situation.

    If anyone actually read this. You've wasted your time on me and I appreciate it. You are a great person. INTERNET HIGH-FIVE! YEAH!! ABOOT, eh?!, and maple syrup! LUMBERJACKS.

    Thank you!!!

    You don't seem to like what you do and where you are.

    Forget about disappointing your parents and your (false) pride about friends graduating before you. RELAX, RELAX even more! Find out what you like and what you are passionate about then move from there.
    My 2 cents.

    Good luck!

    You said something creative so what other degree would you like to do?
    Also could you not find people on other courses to hang out with who are nicer people with heads not up their asses? I know this is hard as people in your course are people you are surrounded with most of the time but maybe through socials/clubs or societies(don't know what the Canadian equivalent is)
    What do you plan to do as a career? If you have a set idea of what you would enjoy doing as a career and this degree is needed for it then just treat it as a stepping stone get it done with and start the career you want. But maybe if for your chosen career this degree is not required or you are flexible on what you want to do as a career then my advice is don't let pride get in the way of your options. Few years down the line it really won't matter who graduated before or after you it will matter where you are and if you are doing something you are enjoying.
    Those are just my muddled thoughts


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