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Should threads discussing moderation be allowed watch


    (Original post by A Cat)
    actually... i do care.

    i only have one question...

    Should threads discussing moderation be allowed?
    They are allowed. /end of discussion

    (Original post by Hylean)
    They are allowed. /end of discussion
    damn... should have been more specific...

    (Original post by A Cat)
    There is no such thing as fair or unfair, I will soon grant you all the meaning of life and take myself out of your delicately formed hair. Perhaps after reading it, you will see the depths of yourselves laid bare. But let me make it clear: for you, I do not care.

    Though I do appreciate the effort you put into this post (and while it's probably of use to other users), my interest levels in this thread quickly dipped into negative when I realised that nobody was taking into account the undeniable truth. Plus ttml's suck ups made me violently vomit all over my new shirt.
    You think I'm a suck up? The amount of times I've told the mods where to shove it is probably quite impressive.
    At the end of the day they've gone out of their way time and time again on this thread.
    My very signature criticises them for the poor poor handling of a certain issue as well, I still think they've made a massive mistake, and still think they should rectify it. But instead the only PM's I get are for the model house of commons, something that I don't actually have an interest in.

    But when you treat them with disrespect and abuse for no reason, well it annoys me. TSR is one of the better run forums. Yet all we see from you is a poorly applied attempt at pseudo philosophy about a lack of objectivity where you pay no attention to social norms/constructions, or even how language works.

    "There is no such thing as fair or unfair"

    You know what is meant by something being fair or unfair. You might not be entirely sure what criteria have been applied by the mods. But you do know how the concept works.
    You make no actual argument beyond "it's not objective" to say why fairness is or isn't a valid concept, when objectivity is only relevant to certain perceptions of fairness, and is not any means for saying that it is never valid.

    You accuse the mods and running of the site as this or that, but then when you're shown that you're wrong, do you apologise? No, you go off on another tangent.

    E.G. "...any attempt to change the system from the position of user is a waste of time"

    You presume the worst and won't accept anything you're told, even if it has proof.

    And then you allude to some "undeniable truth" without even referencing what it is. Christ, talk about hyperbole.

    So please, enlighten us with your superior knowledge of some undeniable truth that no-one is addressing but you.
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