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    (Original post by dj1015)
    He had a pretty poor interview at last years tory conference with Andrew Neil. This isnt the first and the last time this will happen.

    I can imagine that David Cameron must be very happy right now.
    I saw that one, it wasn't as good.

    Paxman got closest, at another Tory conference, he really pushed him into a corner and wouldn't let him run the blustering distraction nonsense. He even tried some Latin, which Paxman promptly translated for the audience and then rubbished! Lol.

    Personally I don't think many people would respond well to being called a 'nasty pieceof work'

    So is it all true or what? I'm confused.

    (Original post by Fullofsurprises)
    Boris Johnson was turned into a bit of a nervous wreck this morning by Eddie Mair on the Andrew Marr show.

    It was a useful reminder that Boris has not always had a strong grip on the truth, or on good manners and ethical behaviour. Interesting in the light of his obvious desire to be PM and the campaign underway in many parts of the media and the Tory Party to make him Tory leader.

    One of the most alarming things is the recording with his old friend Darius Guppy (who went to prison for fraud and robbery) where Johnson agreed to provide the address of a man Guppy wants to beat up. Interesting to hear his evasions about this incident in the interview.

    Interview starts at 27:22 on the iplayer.

    The interview trails a special on Boris by famed BBC investigator Michael Cockerill, which goes out tomorrow evening on BBC2 at 9pm.
    I can't seem to understand why you got negged for this. Boris was on slippery maneuvers in this interview.

    Still, he seems to be able to avoid public hatred like no other. Can't see this denting his reputation.

    (Original post by ssxx)
    Get off your moral high horse, no one is perfect.
    It happened 20 years ago.

    Do you apply the same logic to everything, Hitler all clear now, what about Stalin, Idi Amin, Megrahi etc.

    I am sure people can dig nasty things from your past when you reach 40 years old.
    They probably couldn't but I probably wouldn't be a slimy ***** politician like Boris and try to deny they happened or trivialise them

    Boo hoo hoo he lied when he had an affair....just like 99% of people who would.

    So it was perfectly fine for him to have an affair though?

    Boo hoo hoo he said he would give the address, so what! did anybody die? get beaten up? maybe he just said that to keep his mate happy, look at it in context. people just go alone and not do what they said
    . humoring him.
    So you don't see any issue at all with politicians threatening to have people beaten up and saying they'll give someones address out?

    Boris could have slaughtered kittens on a sacrificial altar and he'd still be awesome.

    Watching the right squirm over this has been the most pleasing thing to see happen in politics for a long time. The attempts to divert attention and question a man's journalistic integrity are laughable and will hopefully prove to be in vain.

    Boris is a knowledgable dunce, with idiosyncratic hair and a posh accent. He is also a dangerous moron who should not be anywhere near the levers of power and is discovering you can only BS your way so far. I guess playing at politics is easy when you get to play the clown on TV and fight elections against the particularly loathsome individual that is Ken Livingstone. His popularity is the only thing the Conservatives really have in their corner at the moment and if that evaporates as a result of this interview, I'm pretty sure it will be remembered as one of the defining moments of the great big tory failure, 2010 - 2015.

    Also to the poster above, that video is excellent! (Don't worry, the irony of me having a bit of a rant about current affairs whilst enjoying that video isn't lost on me =P)

    It was too brutal for Sunday morning television, definitely not pre-water shed material. Anyway it was good to see Boris exposed for the rather vile character he can be, rather than most people forgetting it well he hides behind a cloak of idiocy. He kept saying 'Do your viewers really want to know this?', well yes Mr Johnson I for one did.
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