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This just turned into venting, but I'm still looking for advice. watch

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    I'm sorry about the wall of text. I know it's just pathetic, but any advice would be appreciated. I've never had the highest of self-esteem levels, but it's far too low now. TW for mild self-harm reference, however, there is no current intent or information about what I did and I do not wish to promote it. It's honestly the worst thing you can do.
    I honestly feel like I'm going to fail everything. To be fair, things have been a little better than they were a couple of months ago, but still don't have the confidence to believe I can succeed. I honestly don't understand what people see in me at times. When people started to pay attention to me and my so-called "problems" (Which, in my opinion, are all down to me being an idiot and for some reason thinking it's clever to hurt myself in ways I won't state to cope with existing), I started to realize that how I see myself (Which is not a pretty sight) is so massively warped if what other people are saying is true. I really want to believe that I'm the one seeing things incorrectly, I really do, but it's just unfeasible at times. I sometimes feel like other people know me better than I do because of it, even if I shut myself off from them so often. At times I just feel like I've just let everyone down, and I'm just pathetic, and I have no purpose left. I feel like if I do get better in time I'll still hold those feelings and doubts.
    What I just want to say is that I just want to get through my A-levels. I can't face another day in my sixth-form college, but I've got to keep trying, and I'll do anything at this point, because I want to give up, but at the same time I don't and I know I can't.
    It seems such a trivial thing, but how do you think I should go about managing it?

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    The thing about comparing yourself to other people, and that includes thinking about their opinion of you, is that it's completely unverifiable and usually based on nothing.

    There will always be people better than you, and a lot of people worse off. Most people are distinctly average and we're all in the same boat. Whilst that means some people are no doubt exceptional at certain things, it really is a minority. Most people are in the same boat at the same time and it also applies the opposite way. Most people will see you as similar and not as someone bound to fail or as anything less than the same as themselves.

    If they don't think that, they're an ********.

    Don't compare yourself with anyone, just do the best you can do at everything and you'll be amazed what you can achieve.
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