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    Hey, I'm a little confused regarding the renal/Bowman's capsule and how it filters the blood. I understand there is podocytes then a basement membrane and then a capillary lumen and then a layer of endothelial cells but I'm not sure which bit is where?

    Does the filtrate first come through the podocytes or endothelial cells? How do the podocytes work?

    My book isn't very clear. Thanks.

    The capillary lumen is the space blood flows through. Then if we go in from the glomerulus to the renal capsule, the order of layers should be...

    1. Capillary endothelium - plasma & plasma proteins can get through pores in this layer
    2. Basement membrane of capillaries - made of collagen mesh, proteins cannot get through but water & small solutes can. This is the main filter.
    3. Renal capsule epithelium (podocytes) - these are the second filter, as they fit together leaving small slits for the filtrate to pass through.

    The podocytes kind of wrap around the capillaries, they're the last barrier to the interior of the renal capsule.

    Hope that helped... had to dig out my old Biology Tome to double check myself!
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Updated: March 24, 2013


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