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    (Original post by tombrown7)

    Most of the time, to go you have to be either be from a rich background or poor (where they get everything given to them on a silver platter). But a hard working family gets no help what so ever :/
    I fall just into the bottom bracket and my parents both work despite having a 3 year old. My stepdad works over 60 hours a week and we have all the usual, mortgage, debit card bills. Far from being handed it on a platter.

    Yeah, of course us "poor" people get it given to us on a silver platter :rolleyes: Our education tends to be worse and a history of families going straight into work is another factor. As with many threads from students in middle income families, your parents have made choices and it's not the government's responsibility to give you extra money to support yourself. Those from poorer families such as myself often struggle to pay the utility bills, never mind credit cards and other luxuries. If you're so unhappy about the situation, take a gap year and work to save up for uni or get a part time job whilst at uni, that's what I and many others do to support themselves.
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    I always wonder why supposedly intelligent "hard working families" don't stop bothering and give up the extra income if life is so easy for poor people....or maybe, just maybe, life isn't all amazing and lovely for people struggling on low incomes.

    (Original post by Melthusa)
    Welcome to Tory Britain
    (Original post by -Liberty)
    Tuition fees weren't as high under labour. Less to pay back.
    It was Labour who introduced tuition fees and scraped universal grants. Then trebled them in 2006 when they introduced top up fees. They got the balling rolling and it's almost certain that higher fees would have still been introduced had Labour won the 2010 General Election.

    But it's maintenance loans (and the lack of a universal grant) which seemed to bother the member who made the original comment, not 9k fees so much.
Do you agree with the PM's proposal to cut tuition fees for some courses?
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