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    Sorry in advance for the length of this post and thanks to anyone who reads it!

    Basically, I am having a pretty bad time with my flatmates. This is my first year at uni and I am in uni accommodation. Things started off great with the people I was with. They were a lot of fun and a good laugh. Then there was the occassional *****y comment, but I just shrugged it off as being part and parcel of being in a flat mostly made up of girls. This moved on to them being quite unpredictable: one day I was like their best friend, the next day they wouldn't even look at me. I caught them *****ing about me a couple of times, though I didn't mention it.

    I decided then that there was no point bothering with them as friends cause they were making me quite unhappy, and I've since made great friends with another group of people who I'm moving in with in September. But the main problem now is that my flatmates are making my life pretty awful. Whenever I'm there they just make *****y comments, whether it be about my appearence or my intelligence, and try to pass it off as a joke when it clearly isn't. And they've made friends with this guy (who I've never really met) from another floor who now uses our kitchen as his own. They even told him that he could use my section of the fridge in the kitchen, without asking me or anything (he's now got so much stuff in there that I can't put anything in :confused:). I have got a mini-fridge in my room so I'm able to use that instead, but that's not the point: they all have fridges in their room too, so I don't see why I should have to give up my space for some stranger without even being asked.

    They're making my life really difficult. Like I say, I've got a group of wonderful friends outside the flat and the thought of moving in with them next semester is great. But I feel like an outsider whenever I go to the kitchen now, and though I do my best to ignore their comments it is still upsetting.

    Should I talk to them about how I feel or just wait it out until September? Cause I worry it would probably make things worse if I talk to them cause they can be quite petty like that. And I am not big on confrontation.

    Sorry about the long rambling message and thanks for any advice xxx

    Hi hun!

    This is something you should not be dealing with, I would actually speak to your university... as you have nothing to lose, they are already treating you like sh**.

    Try talking to them first, if they ignore you please complain.

    Send me a message if you want to talk. You are being bullied, this is digusting especially at university.


    You should definitely talk to someone from your uni about this. Is there a student advice center or something similar where you are? This is bullying! I understand you can't MAKE people like you, but this is too much! What they're doing to you is unacceptable! Please, talk to someone about this ASAP.

    (Original post by rainbow_button)
    I would first talk to them but I don't think it would make things any better to be honest. Does your uni not have any advisers that you could talk to?
    Also the guy from the other flat has no right using your shelf in the fridge. You can giving him a warning or just tell him to move his stuff before lodging a formal complaint.
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