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    How are these paragraphs so far?

    During the play both Juliet and Romeo rush matters and do not always inform their parents of decisions and actions which they make which in turn results in the deaths of them. Friar Lawrence says ‘’Violent delights have violent ends’’ Since he is a religious figure, it seems that he is referring to the dangers of passion, lust, and temptations of the flesh. "Violent delights" means things that seem pleasurable but are sinful and/or dangerous, and they lead to "violent ends", meaning they will most likely not end well. Moderate love is less likely to lead to disaster than violent love. Decisions (marriage) made in the heat of passion do not tend to be good ones; they are not well-thought out as is Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare demonstrates in these quotes that hasty actions have harsh consequences he gives warning about doing things in scarcity to your parents, in essence he is reinforcing the ideas of Elizabethan men and women to the audience. Shakespeare is also showing to the audience that Romeo and Juliet have partially distant relationships with their parents where secrets are kept.

    Another example of hastiness is in the quote ‘’ and in their triumph die, like fire and powder. Which, as they kiss, consume’’. When a spark hits gunpowder, it results in a destructive explosion. Shakespeare uses the word "kiss" to describe the reaction of the gunpowder and the spark, to make the point to the audience by kissing and falling in love with Juliet, Romeo is doing something that will ‘’consume’’(explode) both of them. This links to my previous quote as Love that is excessively intense or ‘’violent’’ leads to a ‘’violent’’ end, and in Romeo and Juliet, its result is when they both commit suicide as fire and powder explode when they come into contact. By rushing things and being disobedient to their parents particularly for Juliet they lead themselves to a violent end which Shakespeare wants the audience to understand, to ultimately scare them and show that if you are not obedient bad things may happen, which again reinforces the ideas of Elizabethan men and women.

    Although Lady and Lord Capulet are outrageously harsh on Juliet in act 3 scene 5 due to her disagreement of marriage with Paris their fury is fuelled out of their love for her. This is evident in the quote ‘’the gallant, young and noble gentleman, the County Paris, at Saint Peter's Church, shall happily make thee there a joyful bride’’ as Lady Capulet is Juliet’s mother she wishes for her daughter to marry someone who will grant her a prosperous and happy life, seeing these characteristics she decides Paris is the man to fit the role. Shakespeare uses an array of words which would be appealing to any woman and evidently makes the audience question Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris. Shakespeare also uses the quote to make the audience sympathize with Lord and Lady Capulet in act 3 scene 5 as through their efforts of finding Juliet a suitable groom she is disobedient and chooses one whom leads her to her death. Shakespeare ultimately uses this to show the importance of obedience to the audience which was obligatory during the times of Shakespeare most notably for Women and as another example of morality as through her secrecy and disobedience to lord and lady Capulet she is brought to her death.

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