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    Well I didn't want to do one of these for ages but I thought I'd try it out. I'm not sure exactly how ot do it, I'm guessing I write out my gym routine and then chronicle it whilst also stating my weight.

    Just for some backstory, I started back at the gym about two years ago. I was 113kgs which is about 17 and a half stone or 249lbs.
    I was then taken under the wing of a personal trainer and in the first two weeks I had trouble adjusting so I shot up to 116kgs/255lbs. Since then I have been on a routine diet, I've cut down on everything including how much I drink (in fact I barely drink at all now.) I use a meal replacement shake called Nutrimeal.

    At first losing the weight was pretty easy because it was just puppy fat, flab. Then slowly I started to get down to the harder stuff which I found harder to get rid of. In the last five months I hit a plateu which I have found difficult to beat. However right now I am actually starting to lose weight now that I have almost completely cut down on alcohol whereas before I was still drinking at weekends.

    I go to a personal trainer once a week and every two weeks he takes my weight, BMI, Fat amount and he measures my waist and hips. The last time I was weighed by him I was 97.3kgs which is 214.5lbs or 15.3 stone.
    I last went to the gym this morning and when I weighed myself I was dead on 97kgs which is 15.27 stone or 213.8lbs. So basically I have lost around 3 stone since I started. Also my Body fat and my BMI are close to resembling something normal for someone my age (late 20's.)

    To avoid a wall of text I'll describe my work out in another post.

    One last thing I will say is that my main problem is discipline with my diet. Sometimes I get hungry and I find it hard to resist one little sweet thing like a chocolate or something which then leads off to other things. I used to work out a lot when I was in college and I also used to drink a lot and eat a lof ot **** but I still stayed around 14 stone and I could still run 6 miles and do 60 push ups easy etc etc. Now I find even the slightest bit of bad food effects my weight. Maybe it's because I'm 7 years older now or maybe it's because I'm coming down from such a large weight, or maybe it's both.
    The meal replacement stuff helps with keeping a lid on my diet but I still find it difficult. That is definately my biggesat downfall.


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