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I have a fat fetish. I'm worried what people will think? watch

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    Hi! I'm 19 years old and a guy.

    I am not a troll, I'm not joking. This thing really does exist (Google it hehe). Basically to put it straight, I purposely eat more than I should to gain weight. I also get turned on by bigger women. I know to some it may look eww, but I just find being fatter, it makes me happier, and I find bigger women attractive.

    I used to be overweight. Because I was worried about what people think of me, I lost all the extra weight. For a few months last Spring, I just felt really unhappy being slim. I got called attractive, and apparently i'm "good looking", but I started thinking about what makes me happy and how I'd like to be. Since then, I have gained every pound back. I just feel myself again, I feel like this is how I want to be, and I just feel happy. I cycle to Uni and work each day (about 9 miles each way so 18 in total), I play rugby every Sunday and go training every Wednesday, and I have a balanced diet, although I eat loads of different things.

    I'm 6ft in height and I weigh 18 stone 2lbs (254lbs). This fetish thing won't ever go away. I love seeing my belly hang over my boxer shorts, weird I know, but I do. I won't gain anymore weight, and if I did get any health problem, I'd lose the pounds, but I feel healthy and happy. I have a girlfriend who has the same fetish, but we have a normal relationship. She's the most loving, caring, fun person I've ever met.

    Thing is, I'm worried about what people think of me. If you looked at me, you wouldn't think I played rugby or cycled. Some of my weight is muscle, but I look a tad overweight. I went swimming recently with some mates. I noticed a few people giving me dodgy looks, seeing the 3 rolls I get when I sit down, but I exercise, I'm happy and healthy, and I just want to become more confident. I'm sure with slim people, they think fat is digusting, but fat doesn't mean unfit. Me and a best friend were late to lesson. I ran up the stairs, so did he. He was the one who was out of breath.

    How can I feel a bit more confident about the public?


    the thing is, the way I look at it, is who are other people to question you on what you look like/act like or what type of girl you like! everybody has fetishes! some weird, some wonderful, some illegal, but they're natural! (apart from some illegal ones of course!) and if you feel better and happier in your own body with a few extra pounds, then good for you! who cares what other people think! you have a girlfriend who shares the same ideas, so I wouldn't think any more into it!

    btw this is coming from a 6'5" 20st rugby-playing cyclist I think we might be the same person!

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    Who cares what people think?

    Just look at America and Britain and you'll realise you actually fit right in.

    You are who you are, don't give a crap about what other people think. Just make sure you're happy.

    Keep smiling!


    As obesity rises, you dating options also increase. Enjoy.
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