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    Hi everyone! I'm having a hard time deciding which university to pick. I got offers from LSE, Warwick, and Goldsmiths. I plan to study Global Communication

    LSE offers a double degree with USC, which means the cost will be really high. My family can afford it, though barely, but I just don't know if it's worth the money. It would last for two years, and would require me to spend one year in London and one in Los Angeles. It sounds like a great opportunity, but I'm not sure if I want to spend all of my family's savings for my masters. Is it really worth it, or is the cost that high just because it's LSE?

    I know Goldsmiths has a reputation as a creative place, and I love that, but I'm not sure if it would be challenging enough. I've also heard good things about Warwick... All three options seem great, so I'm really confused.

    Is there anybody who has studied Global Comm at Warwick, LSE, or Goldsmiths?
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    (Original post by returnmigrant)
    What difference do you think having a Masters will make to your employability? Probably not much. If you are doing this straight from an undergraduate degree, you will still be a fresh graduate with no experience. And experience is what all employers want, not endless bits of paper.

    You'd be far better off spending two years doing relevant Internships to build up your CV. It would be far cheaper and far more productive.

    Actually, I do have some work experience... I've been working in this field for the last six years and I don't plan to stop working, even as a graduate student. I also have two undergraduate degrees, and I can say the second one did not increase my employablility very much. That leads me to believe that no, a masters won't make a big difference either, but this thread is not about my employability or why I want a masters. You did not answer my question and your comment is irrelevant, but hey, thanks for the feedback!

    You asked if it was "really worth it" to use up your family's savings to do this Masters course. You didnt qualify that by defining what you actually meant by the phrase "worth it".

    I answered the question. In terms of employability no it probably isnt worth it. And I used the word 'if' in regard to you possibly being straight from u/grad, I didnt assume you were.

    So, if it's not increased employabilty, what are you hoping to get out of doing an MA?! I agree with the other poster in that it's kinda hard to answer your question...
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