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    I'm gonna try and make this as short and clear-cut as possible else I'll probably be writing books!

    How do you guys feel about buying stuff for friends who don't even bother paying you back anymore? At first the friend did insist to pay back for stuff purchased online etc as they couldn't get access to an online paying account but for the past 1.5 years or so there has been no mention of asking to pay back for things. The total has come to around almost 2k. A part of me feels bad to have to ask as i don't want to ruin the relationship. What's worse is they have a boyfriend who has no idea about this. I know I am partly to blame as at first I used to say don't worry about it as now and then it's not a problem as it doesn't affect me, but when I think about it in the long term it doesn't make sense, and surely the boyfriend is going to rage if he ever finds out?

    Any advice/comments appreciated.


    You need make a list of everything you've bought them, sit them down and show them.
    The enormity of it will surely hit home, that is a lot of money and you can't be expected to just leave it.
    Have a talk with them and go from there.

    £2,000!!!! I think you have to have a sit down with this friend and tell them that they need to start paying you back. They are clearly taking advantage of your kindness. You said its been going on for 1.5 years now do you not think that in this time they could have easily set up a paypal account or something

    You should have confronted your 'friend' long before it hit £2,000, but what's done is done now. All you can do is meet up with them and have a serious talk. I agree w/ the above comment, it sounds like you're being taken advantage of. Don't be scared of ruining the 'relationship', sounds like it was ruined a long time ago.

    Good luck!! :yy:

    To be honest if you keep buying to that extent you're just to blame as them. Who spends THAT MUCH without questioning it?
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    Wait, what? If you're buying them as gifts then that's one thing (two grand is still ridiculous though) but if you're just buying them because they asked you and they couldn't themselves then of course they should pay. Why didn't you ask them the first time they didn't?
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