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    My exam project is 'Art and Words'
    And I'm still doing an assesment project on 'Viewpoints'

    What are some key features that can help me boost my work a lot?
    I really need a good grade in art because I'm taking it at college!


    What you need to do is try to make your whole sketchbook relate to each other and try to make everything you do, annotate back to how it relates to your project
    Try and do lots of experiments relating to your work,
    if you do an experiment you may be able to draw from this, this will get your lots of extra marks you could also try an manipulate the experiments you've done for example changing the placements of the piece, eg if you were drawing a pair of trousers, you could draw the zip on the ankle and the pockets in strange places, the waist band vertical down the leg etc
    Also if you could look at the AO1,2 and 3 requirements it may also give you show idea of what you need to do
    hope this helps and hope you get the A you'd like
    if you'd like any more help with art, textiles or graphics I'd be happy to help

    I agree with the above,
    But its all about the Preparatory work!
    The actual final piece only counts for something like 15%...on my exam board anyways!
    Studies studies studies are really vital, apparently, I usually do two a page; if its an artist study I do one copy then one if my own composition.
    Take a lot of photos and try and manipulate the theme as much as possible- don't just think 'oh, poetry, obviously' but think of something really original- the link to the theme doesn't have to be strong. Do at least one page one each of your interpretations, and find an artist which uses that idea.
    Also, use different mediums (paint, pastels, printing, stenciling) to get easy marks. Take a lot of photos, they are easy marks too.
    Hopefully I helped!

    I got A*. Ha I remember doing viewpoints! for all the coursework basically we used A1 size sheets instead of sketch books and mounted our work on these, not that it matters at all but I used one of these sheets for one artist each-of course more is okay you would rather have more rather than less like I had to go to the zoo for part of my work so I did a big page of just loads of photos from that trip. I put the artist name at the top, then I would have a short paragraph of info about the artist, dont copy and paste loads of info keep it simple. three pictures printed out of their work and next to it my copies of these in a medium of your choice, mix it up a bit. I would write a few lines about these copies, look up what sort of stuff you should write, like observing what the artist did like using brush strokes or knife palette and what effect it has, say how the piece makes you feel, what do you like/dislike about it and why, and do you think the picture is trying to tell a story or communicate anything. Then some photos of your own stuff related to the artists theme, like if the artist you chose does a lot of landscapes then take pictures of landscapes, same with portraits take photos of people then do a piece in the style of the artist, say you choose picasso you could take photos of yourself or someone then paint them in a weird abstract way my teacher was an art exam person so she went round other schools to mark stuff so she knew what was needed
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