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    I am a year 11 student who is currently studying for his GCSEs. In the future I am interested in doing Law at university after studying for my A-Levels. I was wondering, if I get the offer requirements, would these grades be okay for Law at Birmingham?

    I am only asking because I don't want to apply for universities in the future and fail at the first hurdle because of my GCSEs.

    I am doing 12 GCSEs, and here are the grades I think I'm on track for:

    English Lang A/B
    English Literature A
    Science (Core) - A - ACHIEVED
    Science (Add) - B
    Maths - A - ACHIEVED
    Statistics - A
    Religious Studies - A*/A
    Citizenship - A*/A
    History - A*/A
    Business Studies - A
    French - B
    Graphics - A

    Obviously apart from the 2 GCSEs I've already completed (2 As) the others are subject to change but that is where-abouts I am

    Would these grades stop me from applying to top universities for law? Such as UCL or King's?

    I ask because I know a lot of applications have a large number of A* grades at GCSE and I don't think I can achieve many, if at all.

    Thanks for you time,
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    Apologises if this is in the wrong section (just a little bump post)

    Although the section you've put your question in might not be in the best place (if you pop it in applicantions you will get more of a response) I will try and answer it as best as I can
    I've currently got a conditional offer of AAA for the uni of Birmingham and am aiming/on track for AAAB/AABB in my A levels depending on summer exams. I got 3 A*'s, 1 B and the rest A's for my GCSE's. Maybe this will give you an idea of the type of candidates they are looking for.
    To be honest though universities do not really care so much about what you recieved at GCSE unless you are appying for oxbridge who do very much care. As long as you get all B's you should be fine so I wouldn't worry about it, just try your best just for yourself but don't stress yourself out with it.
    A major deciding factor for many universities is the score that the get on the Law admissions test (LNAT) of which the average score this year was 21. I personally got 22 and got into the Uni of Brum on this (as the rest of my uni applications didn't need it) But certain uni's put more emphasis on it than others, UCL apparently likes candidates realistically to be getting 23 or more and so do Kings and obviously oxbridge are looking at 24/25 or more. Whereas Uni of Birmingham has accepted many applicants who recieved 17/18 or above so its not as heavily weighted and many uni's don't even require it.
    Also your personal statement is important to many unis as they are often looking through numerous applicants all with the same grades and so need distinguishing factors that highlight them as candidates that they want to have.
    The major decider though is certainly grades, unfortuantly many of the traditionally more highly reagrded uni's want AAA and many including Durham, Nottingham, Cambridge want AAA*. However some people with only predicted AAB have gotten offers from uni of Birmingham for AAA so it really depends
    Hope some of this helps
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    thank you for your help
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Updated: March 31, 2013


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