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How do I include the Critical Anthology in my Bibliography for EnglishLit coursework?

Just a quick question...

Do I reference the whole actual anthology handout we were given, or do I reference the reference that is given within the handout for the Feminism section as that is the only section I have taken ideas from?
Reference the author and book that the extract you are using comes from. For example I have just finished the critical cw for AQA and i referenced like this -

Montgomery, M. Mills, S. Furniss, T. Fabb, N. and Durant, A. (2007) Ways of Reading, 3rd edition, New York, Routledge.

This is how we were told AQA likes it in the Bibliography. But like this in the footnotes "Montgomery
et al (2000) P.297-301".

As long as you can find the author/book put that down. It should be at the start/end of the section if I remember correctly?

Got full marks btw :P if you have any questions then pm me
Hey, do you know if you can reference the actual anthology? I mean the descriptions that aren't taken from any other books.

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