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    Hello Everyone,

    First of all this is my first time posting here (Sorry if it's the wrong section) but I thought it would be a good place for me to try and get help with my current situation.

    So my name is Luke and I am 18 years of age, currently living in London with my 19 year old sister (Who has down-syndrome and is probably doing better in life than myself) and my Mother who was recently diagnosed with cancer in late January.

    In year 10 (Start of GCSE Courses) I had to undergo a 'surgery' to try and help fix a long standing illness of my own, this lasted for a month and a half. It required me to stay at home and this is the point where my life started to go downhill. I don't want to make this too long so you can probably guess when the surgery was finished I was so used to staying at home that my grades were dropping slowly and I was skipping school more often.

    Basically I was predicted A*'s and A's ETC. And I had ended up getting 1 B and the rest C's - With about 60% Attendance.

    Somehow I was accepting into Sixth form at the last minute (As I had no idea what I wanted to do so this seemed like the safer option)

    However they wouldn't let me do the A Levels I wanted to do as they felt I wouldn't be able to stick it out (I agreed). Therefore I took a BTEC in business studies.

    Speed up to now and I am on my way to only getting 2 A Level equivalents (as my attendance is STILL poor - Actually 35% however they haven't kicked me out due to decent grades and the fact that the course is 100% coursework)I am likely to get DM or MM.

    However the main reason I am posting here is because I have completely no idea what I am going to do in life. I am very lethargic and I am usually in my room a lot, I do have many friends however I rarely see them because of how lazy I have become (We talk VERY often on skype)

    Now I have decided I would like to go to University and try and change my life around, I want to meet new people and have a new active social life. But is this even possible with my grades/Attendance? I wan't to do Computer Science as it seems to be the only thing I am currently interested in doing (I also want to begin learning basic programming so if anyone has any good tutorials or something please link them)

    Anyway what do you guys suggest I do? finish school and find a job? I really need some help I have a very small family and I don't get much help (I don't expect it. it has been my fault)

    I was looking at some access to higher education website for 1 year courses, however problem is I may be moving to Brighton in the near future and this would collide with any course I take starting in September.

    Sorry for the huge wall of text I just couldn't sleep and wanted to get this off my chest. Not sure how many people will even read it but, yeah I want to give it a shot.

    If you read it all THANKS! I hope you can ask me some questions or give me some advice

    Thanks again,


    Just previewed the post and this looks horrible but i'm going to post it and sleep and see what happens.

    Hi Luke,

    First of all, of course you can go to university!

    You seem to be having a rough time lately. It might be worth having a chat with your GP about why you feel so lethargic and lazy. After your surgery and your mum becoming ill I can see why your education might have been put on the back burners for a while, but if you're struggling to get motivated to even attend 6th form then you may benefit from speaking to someone. Even if you just chat to a mate, it can help.

    In truth, you're probably a bit late trying to get into university this year. For now, focus on finishing your course, trying to up your attendance and getting the best grade you can. Look at access courses for next year and try to find some relevant work experience during your time off.

    Feel free to message me privately if you want to chat
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