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    Basically. In 2011, I deferred my place at University, however in 2012 I still wasn't ready. I suffer from depression and Borderline personality disorder and didn't feel ready for the course. I rang my accommodation and cancelled, and rang admission and left a voice mail, about withdrawing from the course. But I was informed in January/February that I didn't correctly withdraw from the course. And they didn't contact me, they waited 3 months and decided to bill me. I wasn't even aware I was student still.

    Recently I've received a letter, saying I need to pay 9.000, which been passed onto a debt company. Throughout last year, I was seeking medical help, I didn't get get up in a morning, and in December I tried to end my life. I didn't attend any lectures, and didn't attend the first week to register. I have nothing to my name, all I have £300 income, and I use that on gas/electric and everyday living. I don't have anything I owe, I currently rent. Can they take me to court, and will I be found guilty? I was first send a letter and it was 3,400 and the lady on the email said, if I remember correctly that I was withdrawn from the course, however recently I've received a letter for 9,000.
    What do I do? I physically cannot afford anything. About 3 years ago, my previous partner, took bills out in my name about 3,500, I have catalogues ringing me, letters. I feel ready to give up. For the past hour I've been crying, because I can't do anything.

    Yes they can take you to court.
    Get on the phone to them and explain the situation. If they are are unwilling to negotiate then contact the CAB.
    Don't ignore it and hope it will go away, it won't.

    Document all your conversations where possible.

    well the university wont be taking you to court if theyve already sold the debt on to a debt collector youll be dealing with them. but yes, yes they can, unfortunately a voice mail generally isnt enough to withdraw from something and you will be most likely found liable [although not being a lawyer who can say for sure] good news though they cannot do didly as you have no material assets to speak of, expect to see your credit worthyness sink like a stone though...

    It is illegal to pass on your debts to a debt collector without first contacting you to arrange payment (or in your case, have a frank discussion about the fact you are not a student). Contact the financial ombudsmen on this one. In future though, don't leave a voicemail for something so important. It's courteous to phone but always follow up in writing.

    Do not carry on doing nothing.

    Take all evidence to CAB and ask for advice as to how to proceed.

    OP, first of all, massive sympathies for what you are going through. I understand that finding the motivation to do this is so hard, but if you take the first tiny tiny step towards sorting this all out you will feel better!

    First of all, what your ex did is fraud, I would advise you go to a solicitor in your area that has a free legal advice afternoon. Take as much evidence that you have as you can about these debts he took out in your name. Also, get advice about your fees. As far as I can see, you gave verbal notice that you are withdrawing. When I withdrew from a uni and transferred to another I just rang them up and they said that's fine.

    I also strongly urge you to go to moneysavingexpert and they have a debt help guide for those with mental health difficulties.

    I wish you all the best!

    With regards to the university, I think you should go to CAB and get some legal advice about whether you are liable for this. You should probably let the debt collection agency know of your situation in case you're incurring any charges or interest on the debt, but it is highly unlikely that they would write the debt off/say you're not liable for it so I'd recommend seeking legal advice in addition to contacting them.

    With regards to what your ex did, as someone above said, that is fraud. If I were you I'd take that to the police, you can also discuss that with the CAB as well. You should contact the relevant companies and let them know that it was fraud and that you have reported it. Once it is proved to be fraud they can amend your credit file etc so that it doesn't come back on you.

    (Original post by Sazzy890)
    You should probably let the debt collection agency know of your situation in case you're incurring any charges or interest on the debt,
    Actually don't, just tell them that you don't owe the money and are in discussion with the uni about the matter. If you owe anything it's to the uni and not the debt company, that is the situation unless you agree otherwise.

    Speak to the Cab or a debt advice charity.


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