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Bisexuality is not making things easy...how to talk to my friends? Watch

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    Hey guys

    Basically, I'm bisexual. I post quite a bit about in on here (on my normal account) for one reason: I'm basically closeted in real life, except to my closest friends.

    They've all been lovely and accepting, however...

    They keep making jokes about it. It's relentless. If it was to the same level that I'd be getting jokes if I was straight, I'd be fine, but it's way past that. It's basically alluding to me being attracted to my friends and to others (I'm at an all girls school...NOT easy) which is not entirely false, but it doesn't affect how I feel about them, nor do I wish it to. It always makes me feel really awkward, especially since the two friends who do it most, I am not attracted to at all. Plus, one of them occasionally gives hints that she might not be straight, and it feels like I'm being pressured into something.

    They're not that bad on their own, it just grates after a while. For instance:

    -After saying 'screw you', comments to the effect of 'you'd like that, wouldn't you?'
    -While friend was in changing rooms, she forgot to close the door, then turned around and said 'Whoops, looks like I'm making Katy enjoy herself'
    -Looking through a dictionary, a friend comes across the word 'seduce', looks at me and goes 'bet you've had some practice with that around here'
    -Can't comment on anyone's outfit or the like without raised eyebrows
    -And a lot of sex jokes...to the effect that if I bend down to get something out of my bag and I'm in front of one of my friends they'll make gestures, etc.

    I love my friends a lot, and I didn't want this to affect our friendships, but I basically feel objectified and like a freak and a sex object. I'm also unbelievably anxious about the one friend who keeps giving hints that she's gay...because I wouldn't know how to deal with her being attracted to me.

    How do I breach the subject with them? I don't want to seem overly sensitive, or like I'm attention-seeking. I have several bi/gay friends, and one of them keeps playing up every tiny little thing that could be construed as homophobic because he's annoyed that he didn't get much attention for coming out. And I don't want to seem like that...
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    If it helps, I'm sixteen.
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    If someone could help me it would really be a weight off my mind, I've been stressed about it for weeks now...

    You're 16 and they're being absolutely immature. You should confront them. I have mainly liked guys, but I liked a girl last year. Perhaps a one-off. But as soon as I told my female friends, they started behaving a little odd. But it's 'Fine' apparently because mainly we talk about guys and I want a boyfriend. It shouldn't be like that for you.Your friends won't know how much they offend you if you don't let them know. Maybe even over text or something? As for the gay friend, just ask her outright or speak to her alone and see if she confesses anything to you
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    I'm in a similar situation. Whats weirder is that in my social circle there another bi guy and a gay guy and a lesbian, they don't get made fun of just me. any help would be appreciated. (16 as well)
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Updated: March 27, 2013
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