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    hey guys, SO I'm 16, and I had a fight today with someone who is 14.. or 15 and I did get pretty beat up and I'm not sure if I inflicted any damage to him at all. but after the fight his big brother who I believe is about 17 said if I touched him again he would beat me up bla bla bla.
    Right now what I'm worried about is this kind of situation happening again, I did not provoke him we were just talking and he just threw a few punches so I tried to defend myself by pushing him away and swinging back. I'm not a fighter I spend most of my free time studying and playing games and I think he has some history of boxing or mma or whatever because he was pretty strong for someone smaller than me, he got me right in the nose and I think its broken I told my family but I didn't want them to worry so much so I said I hit a wall whilst I was running.
    I'm not going into school tomorrow because I'm unable to really speak because it hurts my nose and also eating. but after tomorrow we have 2 weeks easter holidays so I'm hoping the nose will be better I'm also getting it checked up
    Now I'm worried that after school begins he will ask me for another fight because he did end up running away and my friends were there, although they did nothing I don't blame them none of us are aggressive/strong.
    What should I do because if he does ask me for a fight I'm worried that I will get hurt again, although I feel like I can actually beat him up I don't want to try.
    Also now since he is 2 years below me , I'm in year 11 and he's in year 9 I'm worried that everyone will think I'm a coward for not fighting him or for even fighting him in the first place.
    Any advice will be helpful.. thanks.

    Thanks for your message. It sounds like a scary situation to be in. Make sure you do get your nose checked out by a doctor to make sure there is no permanent damage.

    In terms of this situation happening again, I guess one thing to think about is why did it happen in the first place? You say you were just talking, but what prompted him to suddenly hit you? As you know, violence of any kind is never ok or justified. Is there anyone at school that you could report this too? I understand that you may not feel like doing this but it is important that people know what is going on as bullying often doesn't stop unless other people know and intervene.

    Maybe you can think over the holidays about what you could do if it does look like it's going to happen again. The best thing to do would be to walk away. This is not being cowardly, it is actually a very strong thing to do. You don't want to get hurt more, or end up hurting him or someone else. You can just say you are not interested in fighting and walk away. Usually people who bully others, or want a fight, are looking for a reaction. If you don't give them one or provoke them they may lose interest. This is not always the case but it is much better to walk away with dignity and to stay safe. If you walk away, ignore them, or calmly and assertively tell them you’re not interested in what they have to say, you’re demonstrating that they don’t have control over you.
    Protect yourself. If you can’t walk away and are being physically hurt, protect yourself so you can get away. Your safety is the first priority.Try to make sure you are not on your own as well, hopefully your friends will keep an eye out for you.

    I hope this helps,
    take care
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Updated: March 28, 2013
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