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    You need to learn how to use a a full stop and comma correctly because following what you write is difficult.

    The best you can hope for is that you are allowed to pay the money that owe over several instalments as opposed to one lump sum.

    (Original post by superman25)
    Thank you for all the replies guys every single one of them and especially to jacketpotatoe

    Right in reply to balotelli12 I do not wish to get out of debt, I was asking for advice on here. As for getting out of debt, well during my negotiations with the credit controller at the company I told him on the phone that I can only spare a direct debit of £30 per calendar month and happy to set that direct debit whilst I'm at university then in 3 years time when I'm done and at a proper job graduate full time job I can make bigger more meaningful payments to quickly clear he debit. But he simply laughed and said no that's not enough I want you to pay me right now over the phone £500 then in may £1000 then over the summer another £1000 etc which I simply cannot do cannot physically come up with that money I'm just the typical student who just about make it from start till end of every term when I get my new instalment of maintenance loan from the student loans company.

    Secondly, to Architectur-er I have not dropped out of the course, I simply was given the decision to WITHDRAW from scheme so I did not choose to drop out. Which I subsequently appealed against and the university missed up the appeal process whereby the appeal was passed around and I was given the run around. Which is why the case is currently with the OIA the office of the independent Adjudicator to look into my claim I really do hope I win my case as I have been told I have solid case due to the university's handling of the process throughout the summer. But I assume I will find out in four months or so.

    Finally in reply to one of you guys who asked regarding which stage am I at at the moment, well this is the first time I received an official letter its has the words 'claim form' on top and stamped by Northampton county court and it asked me to go to the website www.moneyclaim.gov.uk and basically given 4 options to accept the claim full, partially, contest it or counter claim. Then in the reply pack there a form that asks about my income and expenditure I assume that's for the judge to decide how much I can pay per month etc.

    My best option it seems I will write to the agency again and explain to them that my offer of repayment that I offered previously is still the best I can afford at the moment and that if they carry on through the court route then all that will happen is I ll be declared bankrupt and the company will receive nothing perhaps my clothes if they send the bail lifts,

    Thank you everyone for your advice, greatly appreciated.
    Don't most student tenancies ask for a guarantor? Whoever is your guarantor would probably end up being chased for this debt.

    Assuming you have checked your contract, I would do the following:

    - Accept part liability.
    - Dispute the remainder on the basis that the landlord is required to mitigate his loss by attempting to relet the property. He should be able to relet during an entire year.
    - Write to the landlord setting out the basis on which you are prepared to settle (admit liability for part of the amount to be cleared by reasonable monthly payments).
    - If this is not accepted, when the judgment is issued apply to the court to set monthly payments you can afford on form N245 attaching a statement of affairs. The amounts required by the joker on the phone are totally unrealistic.

    From now on you need to keep everything in writing. Also, you MUST comply with all court deadlines - acknowledge service within 14 days and file defence 14 days after that, otherwise landlord will get everything he is asking for by default. If you miss the deadlines you will get default judgment against you for the full amount.

    A site like CAG will give you better advice than you can get here and things like templates.

    message me - they are a rogue outfit and lousy at admin so can help you with how to untie the agreement
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