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Some horrible stuff that's been going on (rant) watch

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    My parents told me I have to go get a job or they won't let me live there, so they're essentially kicking me out. You guys ever had this problem? Parents can be so annoying sometimes. Anyway, I was wondering what you guys think I should do? So many jobs have come and gone and I really don't don't have the strength of will to find one anymore. Sometimes I do, but the passion is short-lived and I just end up on the internet again wasting my time, which I love doing. Worry does pile up though, about whether I'll be happy with how my life has panned out in 10 years time or whether I'll still be sponging off my family, I hope not, that would be terrible. Other than looking for work I guess I need to think about my long-term future, what I want to do for a living, this stuff really does bore me though I love living in the moment. Recently I got into some trouble with this guy. Dan I think his name was. I was just minding my own business and walking down the street and said hi to him and his girlfriend and he turned around and pushed me on the floor. Sometimes I wonder what the hell is the point in life, later his girlfriend texted me saying:


    obviously without quotation marks and with the f word not asterisks, what the hell was this all about?

    Sometimes people can be so rude. Every week something weird like this happens. Coming to terms with the sorry state my life has become quite daunting, but I just hope and pray things will get better. Reassurace would be nice though, do any of you guys have any? Eating and sleeping is finally under control which is nice, I used to be waking up almost every day at like 2pm and eat so much crap. The thing about sleep is that it is controlled by your diet, if you pile on the calories towards the end of the day you'll have a hard time sleeping, which is what I was doing for ages and didn't know what the problem was even though it was so obvious. Should try it guys, pile on the calories in the morning and stop at like 7pm, you'll sleep like a baby! Honestly, it works! Anyway I think that's enough for now, hope you didn't mind me sharing this rant. Remember, god loves you. Everything else is just a toy.

    Short of saying, "get a grip," what would you expect someone to tell you?

    Seriously, go and get a job. Your parents will thank you for it seeing as you appear to be living there rent-free (the impression I got, please correct me if I'm wrong) and you've nothing else to do. It will give your life purpose and cash to boot. You might even meet some new friends.

    Hoping and praying something comes along isn't going to help you. Go out and do something about it.
Do you think parents should charge rent?
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